Chapter 2: Section 2: Egypt

the nile

brings great soil, water; worshiped as a god, not a river

enviornmental challenges

flooding reduces crops, destroys property; deserts isolate egyptians

Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt

The Nile Delta is called Lower Egypt. The land upstream, to the south, is called Upper Egypt. united by narmer


a low triangular area where a river divides before entering a larger body of water


Egyptian King who is believed to have brought 2 Egyptian Kingdoms together.


_______ were the rulers of Egypt, controlled religion, government, and army


government based on religious authority


structure built as a tomb for the king, to continue ruling after death

egyptian religion

Polytheistic; believed in 2,000 gods and goddesses; life after death


A process of embalming and drying corpses to prevent them from decaying; helps deceased rulers continue ruling in the next life

social class

pharaohs, farmers, laborers; not many people at top; moves up through marriage; women have the same rights as men


Egyptian writing system using pictures and symbols to express an idea


paper-like material made from reeds for writing


invented 365 day calendar; developed a form of geometry; created statues and pyramids; made famous medicine

3 kingdoms of egypt

Old Kingdom (ending 2180 B.C), Middle Kingdom (2040-1640 B.C), New Kingdom/Hyksos (1630- 1523 B.C)