Chapter 1: Communication: What and Why

One characteristic of human communication is that it is symbolic. In this symbolic communication, meanings are located in ...


In a conversation with himself, Malik says, "I think, therefore I am." What type of communication is Malik engaged in?

Intrapersonal communication

Which communication channel allows for mediated interactive communication with both small and large audiences?

Social Media

By communicating pleasure, affection, and inclusion, we satisfy our...

Social Needs

Shonda was sitting in a crowded room that was very warm and stuffy. This was making it difficult for her to listen to the speaker's message. What type of noise was interfering with Shonda's message reception?

External noise

Arbitrary elements used to represent things, processes, ideas, or events in ways that make communication possible are called...


When there is a time gap between when a message is sent and when its received, one is using...

Asynchronous communication

Which model reflects the fact that we usually send and receive messages simultaneously?

Transactional model

Which of the following terms do social scientists use to describe the multiple nonverbal cues that add clarity to a verbal message?

Message richness

The tendency to transmit messages without considering consequences is called...


the ability to construct a variety of frameworks for viewing an issue is known as...

Cognitive complexity

Julia told Kacoe that Taylor was "loaded". kacie took this to mean that Taylor had had too much to drink, whereas Julia had meant that he was very wealthy. This is an example of the concept that...

meaning is in people, not words

Which of the following is an accurate statement about communication?

communication is not simple

When we are searching for words to express an idea, we are involved in the process of...


Complete the following sentence: "Communication is..

not going to solve all of your problems

Which of the following would be considered non-mediated communication

face-to-face interaction

Which statement best represents the connection between communication, understanding, and relationships

partners can communicate with high satisfaction without necessarily understanding each other well

When we say that communication is relational, what does that mean?

communication arises out of our interactions with others

perspective taking is associated with...


Which method of communication provides the greatest level of control over how the message os composed?

Handwritten message

Which of the following statements about communication competence is true?

We learn communication competence from our successes and failures

Dyadic interaction is sometimes considered identical to...

interpersonal communication

Even though she doesn't like her very much, Belinda talks with Josie because it makes her feel less lonely. Belinda is using her interactions with Josie to fulfill her...

social needs

Cassandra is mad at her friend, nicole, for spreading rumors about her at school. Consequently, Cassandra decides to get back at her by posting embarrassing pictures of her online. She also persists in making hateful and hurtful comments about nicole on her social networking page. Cassandra's behavior can be recognized as...


Which of the following best exemplifies the linear model of communication?

watching a video online

Telephone, e-mail, instant messaging, faxes, and voicemail are all considered

mediated communication

In the transactional model of communication, individuals who participate in an interaction are known as...


Dyadic communication is communication..

between two people

The first email with @ in the address was sent in the ...


Chris once used his twitter and facebook accounts to post photos of him engaging in illegal drug use. He is now having trouble getting a job after prospective employers view his accounts. This is an example of social media's...


... is the transmission of messages without considering consequences while... is the impulsive transmission of angry and hostile messages

Disinhibition; flaming

Research has indicated a link between heavy reliance on mediated communication and...

increased loneliness

Competent communication requires that individuals...

show an expanded range of responses

Nick has just learned from the CEO that he needs to lay off 15 workers. He cares a great deal about his employees and wants to convey this information in the best way possible. What medium should Nick use to tell his employees that they're fired?


Steve received an email from his friend, Lindsay, about a party she is throwing later this month. In the email, Lindsay writes, "You better be there!" Steve is unsure if Lindsay is mad at him or if she is just trying to be funny. Steve is having trouble interpreting the intent of this message because it lacks...


Which of the following best exemplifies asynchronous communication?

text messaging

You have sensitive information that you want to remain private. The safest medium for transmitting this information would be..


Seth has a great idea for a new public relations campaign at work. Consequently, Seth writes a detailed proposal and emails it to his boss. It has now been two days, and Seth still hasn't heard back about his proposal. Seth assumes that his boss didn't like his work and sends an apologetic email with the request that his boss disregard his proposal. Which of the following best explains why Seth reacted the way he did?

Seth has low cognitive complexity

David and chelsea are having an argument. During the course of the argument, chelsea reveals that she upset with david because he spends too much time at work and not enough time with her. She says she feels abandoned and lonely and needs support. David tries to reassure chelsea, but nothing he says seems to make a difference. What would be the most appropriate course of action for David to take at this moment?

Express empathy for chelsea

James is great at talking to his peers but is not so skillful when communicating with authority figures. This illustrates how communication competence is...


Jin's teacher discovers that he cheated in his exam. She produces evidence of the cheating to Jin and says, "If you take responsibility for this, I will only give you a failing grade for the test." Jin admits to cheating but then proceeds to make several excuses for his behavior. At one point, he even blames his teacher for not giving the class enough time to study. Finally, he begs for the teacher's forgiveness. The teacher gets angry with Jin and gives him a failing grade for the test and the class. To avoid failing the class, Jin should have...

limited the extent of his communication

Your best friend laurie just lost her job. She's feeling really upset and needs some support. So, you say:"I'm sorry you lost your job, Want to get something to eat?" Realizing she can no longer afford to go out to eat, Laurie starts crying and runs out of the room. What should you have said to Laurie that would have best met her needs in that moment?

I know how important that job was to you, and I can see how you might be upset

Which type of communication is less personal, controlled by gatekeepers, and sent by organizations to large organizations

mass communication

Sandy really likes talking Belinda. Everytime she speaks with her, Sandy feels calmer and less anxious. Sandy is using her interactions with Belinda to fulfill her...

Physical needs

Union workers in a large manufacturing company have been working with management to renegotiate their contract. Its been three weeks, and the negotiations haven't gotten very far. While everyone has effectively communicated their demands, neither side wants to compromise or make concessions which of the following is most likely causing the stalemate between management and employees?

Differing environments of employees and management

Sheila and Jacob dont like each other very much. From the very beginning, Jacob has resented sheila for stealing his best friend away from him. At the same time, while Sheila didn't have a problem with jacob initially, she now ignores him every time they all hang out together. Neither party has done anything overtly offensive toward one another. If that's the case, then which of the following explains how the animosity between sheila and jacob began?

Jacobs resentment manifested itself in negative behavior toward sheila. This triggered sheila to behave negatively toward jacob

Bobby has been friends with tamara for years. On her birthday this year, he personally delivers a single rose to tamara with a note that says: "Thanks for ten years of friendship. Happy Birthday. Love, Bobby." Over the years, Bobby has hand delivered many birthday notes telling tamara how much he loves her and values their friendship. This time, though, tamara starts to wonder if bobby now has romantic feelings toward her. What is it about this particular mesage that may have cause tamara to come to this conclusion?

the message was sent with a rose

Alicia spends all day at work on the internet and then all night on social networking sites looking at the many interesting things her friends have been doing. She hasn't been seeing her family or friends, nor has she been getting out of the apartment. Moreover, alicia is becoming depressed and is starting to dislike her life. What is the best advice you could give alicia right now?

Better regulate time spent on the internet

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase "the medium is the message." What does this mean?

The way you send a message affects the way the message is preceieved

Without much thought, dwight forwarded an email containing a sexually suggestive joke o his entire department. Many people were offended by the email and a sexual harassment complaint was filed with human resources. Deights behavior could have been a form of...