chp 1 vocab

public speaking

When an individual speaks to a group of people, assuming responsibility for speaking for a defined length of time.

optimized speaker

A public speaker who consciously selects relevant topics, adapts to the audience, speaks personally and conversationally, and uses technology when appropriate.

audience centered

Acknowledging an audience's expectations and situations before, during, and after a speech.

digital divide

The gap between groups that have a high level of access to and use of digital communications technology and groups that have a low level of access and use.

information literacy

The ability to access, select, evaluate, and use information effectively and responsibly


Aristotle's term for public speaking.


Discovering what you want to say in a speech, such as by choosing a topic and developing good arguments.


The way ideas presented in a speech are organized.


The language or words used in a speech.


Using the ability to recall information about all aspects of public speaking to give an effective speech.


The presentation of a speech to an audience.


A story used in a speech or other form of communication.

distance speaking

The planned and structured presentation of ideas transmitted from one physical location to other locations by means of information and communications technology

pervasive communication environment

The ability to access and share information in multiple forms from multiple locations in ways that transcend conventional ways of thinking about time and space.


When people interact in multiple communications spheres simultaneously.


The intended recipients of a speaker's message.


The person who assumes the primary responsibility for conveying a message in a public communication context.


The words and nonverbal cues a speaker uses to convey ideas, feelings, and thoughts.


A mode or medium of communication.


Anything that interferes with the understanding of a message.


Audience members' responses to a speech.


The situation within which a speech is given


The external surroundings that influence a public speaking event.