Which individual leads the processional in a non-liturgical protestant church?

Funeral Practitioner

What form of therapy best describes helping an individual cope with grief following the death of a loved one?

Grief Therapy

The decedent's Social Security number is required to be entered on the?

Death Certificate

Blame directed outward is the definition of?


What are similar to rituals and charged with symbolic content


What is the responsibility of the funeral attendant during visitation?

Direct visitors to the appropriate room

What is a determinant of grief?

Concurrent Stresses

What is not an OSHA Standard?

Communicable Disease

The state or condition of dying without having made a valid will is called?


During the procession to the grave, a rabbi may stop the pallbearers how many times to pray?


How should the practice of viewing the deceased prior to cremation be explained?

It aids in accepting the reality of the death

The first step to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)compliance is the creation of a

Needs Assessment

Upon arrival at the cemetery for a committal service, the practitioner should first

Assemble the pallbearers behind the funeral coach

To which party do D-Mort personnel have a legal responsibility?

Deceased's next of kin

The feeling that one's own cultural responses and activities relative to death are superior to those of other cultures is an example of


The FTC's cooling-off regulation for door-to-door sales mandates that preneed sellers inform their customers that they have the right to cancel the transaction at any time prior to

Midnight of the third business day after the date of transactions

In the Jewish faith, a coffin made entirely of wood and containing no metal parts is known as (n)


Grief extending over a long period of time without resolution is called?


How long must a funeral home retain a copy of the General Price List?

1 year after its discontinued use

A casket invoiced as 6' 6" XX would be how many inches wide?


Which container is most suitable for cremation?

Cardboard Container

What is the shape of a liturgical church?


An irrevocable preneed funeral contract stipulates that the

Funds cannot be refunded

As a funeral practitioner, the only people you should inform, even if asked, that the deceased has an infectious disease are appropriate members o

Your Staff

What form is needed to obtain military service information?


Which fraternal organization uses a sheepskin apron to be placed on a deceased member?

Free and accepted Masons

What might be a transfer obstacle when performing a home removal?

Objects or furniture to be removed

Who is responsible for appointing an administrator/ personal representative if there is no will?


What is true regarding the schedule of cremation?

The largest decedents are always cremated first

If an individual was intoxicated when the contractual portion of the Statement of Funeral Goods and services Selected was signed, the contract is


What statement is true regarding the funeral cortege to the cemetery?

Pall bearers follow the hearse

What is one of the tasks of mourning?

Adjust the environment in which the deceased is missing

What document should be executed when releasing cremated remains?

Receipt of Acknowledgement

When placing the casket on the grave-lowering device, the casket bearers should grasp what portion of the handle?


In a Catholic funeral mass, the recessional is led down the aisle by the


During at-need arrangements, it is found that the deceased has a prearrangement on file. The prearrangement was done in a manner so that if the plans are followed, no additional payment is required at the time of services. Which type of prearrangement was completed?

Pre-Funded Guaranteed Contract

The best lighting option for the selection room is?

Indirect Incandescent

What is a proper technique for answering the funeral home phone?

Give the caller the name of the person answering the phone

The increments between casket prices, when arranged in order of their increasing value, is called?


The proper terminology for the placing of cremated remains into a final container is?


What statement is true regarding transfer of remains from the place of death to the funeral home?

PPE should be utilized, even when there is no known infectious disease present.

During a home transfer/ removal, a funeral practitioner asks for permission to embalm. Does this request require distribution of a General Price List?

No, as long as the consumer is informed that embalming is not required by law except in special cases.

The most commonly accepted means of measuring thickness of copper and bronzer casket is?

Ounces per square foot

Crying is an example of a/ an?

External response to an emotion

Which of the following is regulated by OSHA?

Formaldehyde levels

A funeral practitioner must obtain authorization to cremate a deceased from the?

Person who has right of disposition

After having obtained consent from the next of kin for cremation, a funeral practitioner discovers the deceased has a pacemaker. The funeral practitioner should?

Contact the next of kin for consent to remove the pacemaker

What is a common trait found in every culture of mankind?

The funeral rite

Which design applies to a casket end or corner?


With what religion would the practitioner ensure that the casket is closed during the funeral service in the church?


An item of stationery with a religious icon on one side and the deceased's name and a verse on the other side is called a(n)?

Prayer card

Who may receive the lump sum death benefit from Social Security?

Dependent adult child

A public declaration or statement of professional standards of right and wrong conduct defines?

A code of ethics

What must the Outer Burial Container Price List include?

Name of funeral home

Which fraternal organization may need assistance with setting up the tolling of the bell at the 11th hour?

Benevolent and Protection Order of Elks

What are ritual garments worn by clergy?


Masselin is a casket?

Upholstery material

What type of church uses a prescribed order or form of worship with the eucharist or Holy Communion as the central focus?


What religious groups prohibit cremation?

Orthodox Jews and Muslims

A document required by the Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain burial benefits is a?

Separation/Discharge Form

When a child has experienced the death of a close family member, it is best to bring the child to the funeral home for the first time

Before Scheduled Visitation

A funeral rite that follows a prescribed ritual or ceremony which may be dictated either by religious beliefs or social customs of a society is?

Traditional Funeral Rite

In comparing a 16- gauge and a 20- gauge steel casket, the 16- gauge casket would be?

Thicker and Heavier

What areas of employee law does the Fair Labor Standards Act Not cover?

Reasonable Accommodations

Traditionally, the name given to a symbolic cloth covering placed over the casket is a/ an?


A cloth material of flax fibers is called?


Which type of disposition is devoid of any form of funeral rite?


What has occurred if a funeral service practitioner intentionally misrepresents a benefit of a preneed funeral arrangement?


What describes an estate in which the liabilities exceed the assets?

An insolvent estate

What is an example of an alternative container?

A cardboard container

A Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected must be presented to

The person purchasing merchandise and services

When is it necessary to perform a visual identification for cremation, the practitioner should?

Disinfect/bathe the body prior to the identification viewing

A burial container that is broader at the shoulder than at the head or feet, is called a


What type of contract does the funeral home have with a family of the deceased at the time the transfer is made?


The only fee permitted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to be non-declinable at the outset of the funeral transaction is the charge for?

Basic services for funeral practitioner and staff

What is the accrued interest after 3 months on a one year, $1,000 note at a 9% annual interest rate?


How does a practitioner use the direct selection room procedure for vault selection

Remaining in the selection room

A Greek Orthodox religious picture is called a/an?


To qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits, applicants purchasing preneed funerals must enter into which of the following contracts?


What may be initiated verbally and subsequently executed in writing?

Embalming Authorization

The placing of a deceased Native American tribal member on a scaffold is known as a/ an?

Primitive funeral rite.

What is an interior style for a casket?


Funeral homes are required to provide specific training, protective clothing, and vaccination against Hepatitis B under which of the OSHA Standards?

Bloodborne Pathogen

What statement is true regarding cemeteries?

Ownership of cemetery property gives the owner the right to schedule burial according to cemetery rules

Which document in NOT required by the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC)?

Outer Burial Container Price Lis

What is NOT required to be on the General Price List?

Embalming charges

A decedent is in the care of a funeral home. A second funeral home that has control of the final disposition is said to have?

Constructive possession

What is an abnormal fear of death?


A legal instrument authorizing payment of insurance funds for funeral expenses to a funeral home is a/ an?

Assignment proceeds

A funeral rite that is adjusted to the needs and wants of those directly involved and to the trends of the times is called?


What statement is true regarding cremation?

The authorization contains instructions as to ultimate disposition of cremated remains.

The party who assigns a contract is the?


The difference between the total debits and the total credits in an account is the?


What price list must be offered to each consumer for their information and retention?

General Price List

Which action should be taken when utilizing a third-party crematory for the first time?

Make an unannounced visit to the crematory to make an inspection of the facilities

An unfinished wood box, or other non-metal receptable or enclosure, with or without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is made of fiberboard, pressed-wood or composition materials (with or without an outside covering) is called a/ an:

Alternative container

The social values of the funeral rite are most commonly learned through?


The best way to ensure identification of the decedent is?

The authorizing agent or their designee viewing the deceased.

During a roman Catholic funeral Mass, the casket for a lay person is usually placed?

Foot-end toward the altar

When explaining caskets to a family, what should the term protective indicate?

It is designed to resist the entrance of outside element

What is the general temperature range for cremation?


The standard government headstone or marker is the property of the?

Department of Consumer Affairs

What guideline is accurate with regard to the container used for cremation of human remains?

The funeral provider can provide an alternative container for cremation

A business or individual to whom a debit is owed is a?


A family desires a sealed outer burial container to protect the casket. The best option to be offered to the family for selection should be a?


When is it appropriate to explain and discuss medical terminology used on the death certificate?

When the family inquires

What statement is true about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

It requires equal access for the physically impaired

must behaviors" that indicate that an individual must abstain from certain acts are referred to as


According to OSHA, the medical record for each employee shall be preserved and maintained for at least the duration of employment plus?


A practitioner arrives at a liturgical church for a service in which the processional and recessional will include clergy, casket bearers, casket, and family. If the aisle is only wide enough to accommodate the casket, the casket bearers should?

Walk in front of the casket behind the clergy

With whom may information about a decedent's infectious disease be shared?

Staff handling the deceased

Which subdivision in a cemetery is the largest?


Which professional should a family be referred to for grief counseling?


The gauge of a steel casket is equivalent to the number of steel sheets placed on top of one another to equal the thickness of how many inches?

1 inch

A humanistic service would be a/an?

service without religious connotation

A synonym for vestibule is?


Chromium is added to carbon steel primarily to?

increase the resistance to rust and corroshion

What is the most likely location for the funeral of a member of the Church of Christ Scientist?

Funeral Home

A helpful relationship in which one party seeks to facilitate the development of informed choices and meaningful actions at a critical time within the context another's life is called?


Rules and Regulations passed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are examples of?

Administrative Law

Galvanizing is a process in which steel is coated with?


In a well-managed funeral home, the source of acceptable employee procedures is the?

Employee handbook

Who would assume control of the family at the death of the father in an extended patriarchal family?

Son age 37

Placement of the pall on the casket should be done at the direction of the?

Clergy Person

In order to transport casketed remains out of state, the practitioner may?

Make arrangement with common carrier

An 8-year-old child lost a sibling to SIDS, in working with the family, the practitioner may suggest?

The family to allow the child to participate in the funeral.

Another name for client-centered counseling is?

Non Directive

An apprentice learns the cause of death to be a sexually transmitted disease, sharing this information with the public is?

Breach of ethical principles

What is requirement for a funeral practitioner regarding burial of human remains?

The practitioner is responsible for ensuring interment is complete before leaving the cemetery

Funeral claims against the decedent's estate are?

Preferred Claims

How should survivors of a traumatic event involving the sudden death of others handle their grief?

Talk about the event when the subject arises