theology Catanzaro midterm

a call from GOd to a distinctive state of life


in a vocation, we strive to reach in order to achieve salvation


remain faithful to _______ promises to resist _______

baptismal; temptations

a mother told her son who was about to have leadershi role to

speak out

christians in any state of life are called to

fullness of christian life and to the perfection of charity

we are called to be ______ as the father is


to reach perfection, we should use the ______ given to us by christ


by using christs strength, we can wholeheartedly ________ ourselves to the _______ of god and the ______ of neighbor

devote; glory; service

_______ progress tends to a more intimate _____ with christ

spiritual; union

our intimate union with christ is call _________ because it participates in the _______ of christ through the _______

mystical; mystery; sacraments

god calls all of us to an intimate union with him, even if special _______ or extraordinary ______ are granted to some for the sake of manifesting the gift given to all

graces; signs

all christians are called to

fullness of christian life; perfection of charity

through the waters of ______ we have been _____, _____, _______ in the name of lord and in the spirit of god

baptism; washed, justified, sanctified

jesus' ______ and our _____ depend on the ________ of his name in us and by us. This is our _____ _____

glory; lives; hallowing; first petition

a longing for god is _______ to the human person


god wants every person to _____,_____,&______ him

know, love, serve

the disciple of christ must keep the ______, ______ on it, ______ it , confidently _____ _____ to it, and ______ it

faith; live; profess; bear witness; spread

we reflect ______ love


the stone which the builder has _____ has become the _______, a stone that will make people ______ and a rock that will make them ______

reject; cornerstone; stumble; fall

who sanctifies us


______ or any ______ or _____ must not even be mention among you, no _____, let no one _____ you with empty ______

immortality; impurity; greed; obscenity; deceive; arguments

you knew me when i was being made in _____, _____ as in the depths of the ____. Your eyes foresaw my ______

secret; fashioned; earth; actions

form good relationships with others by _________, the foundation for good relationships


another good way to form relationships is through

friendships and dating

education in the gradual _____ of ones _____ leads to a true knowledge of _______

integration; sexuality; self

what attributes set human beings apart from the animals and rest of creation

image of godimmortal soul with intellect conscious free wil

what is the purpose that god created us

to be happy

why does gods desire for human happiness seem to go against how many people view god

view as a maker of rules who hands down commandments and moral laws to limit freedom

how is the happiness that god desires for us different from the kind of happiness that we might seek and find without his guidance

we find complete and everlasting happiness rather than in any earthly pursuit

hod did st augustine explain the discontent that is common in human life

our hearts are restless until they find rest in you

what did st paul reveal that everybody can know about god and how can we know it

everyone can know gods invisible nature , eternal power, and deity through the things that have been made

why is faith a human act

it requires assent, an act of will we must freely choose to cooperate with the grace that god has given us to have faith

what is our means of entry into the family of god


what is the unviersal call to holiness and when does it come to christinas

call to be holy, given at baptism

how do we respond to the sanctification effected by baptism

we are to grow in holiness

how are happiness and holiness related

related perfectly; holier we become, the happier we are

what is the latin root of the word vocation and what does it ean

vocatio - a call or summons

difference between universal vocation and personal vocation

universal vocation is a call to holiness personal vocation is particular plan or call that god has for a person

what are the four particular vocations

marriage, holy orders, consecrated life, committed single life

how are the four different church recognized voations the same

pathway for growing in holiness and leading lives of love and service

what is discernment

process of discovering gods plan for our lives through prayer and perseverance

how do i choose to respod to vocation

no one can force me; i can choose to respond and to follow my conscious on path to perfect holiness or not

how should parents prepare children for discerning their vocation in life

help children to develop good habits of prayer and to foster a solid education in catholic faith and morality, and a firm foundation in christian love and serve and virtues and responsibilities necessary for living as a mature adult

our _____ from god is the _____ or _____ we have in this life and hereafter

vocation; calling; destiny

god created human person to _____ and _____ him. the fulfillment of this vocation is ______ ______

love; serve; eternal happiness

christ calls the faithful to the perfection of


the vocation of the laity consists in seeking the ______ of ______ by engaging in _____ _____ and directing them according to _____ ____

kingdom of god; temporal affairs; gods will

priestly ad religious vocations are dedicated to the _______ of the church as the _______ sacrament of _______

service; universal; salvation

a vocation is not the same as a

job or career

the relationship between one work and vocation should correspond to


______ should take into the account the role of the individual in the _____ of the ______

discernment; life; church

to _____ is to take the time to evaluate our _____ in the light of the _____ ____ and how we can live our ______ to the best of our ________

discern; lives; gospel message; lives; abilities

_____ of the chosen ______ lies in our roles in the _____ and as _____

discernment; vocation; church; individuals divi

our path can be revealed in the events of ones life through ______ ______

divine providence

______ _____ is the key to the discernment process

prayerful reflection

the ____ prepares the man and goes out with him with his ______ in order to ______ him to christ

spirit; grace; draw

the _____ makes present the _____ of christ especially through the ______ to bring us into ______ with god so that we may ____ ____ ____

spirit; mystery; eucharist; communion; bear much fruit

when children become adults, they have the right and duty to choose thier

profession and state of life

parents should be careful not to exert ______ on their children either in choice of _______ or in that of a ______

pressure; profession; spouse

lay believers are in the _____ ____ of church life; for them the church is the ____ _____ of ____ _____

front line; animating principle; human society

lay christians are entrust by god with the ______ by virtue of their _____ and _____

apostolate; baptism; confirmation

lay believers have the ---___ and ______ individually or in groups to work so that the _____ ____ of _____ may be known and accepted by all

right and duty; divine message salvation

commandment of _____ : as the father has ____ me so have I _____ you; _____ by my love. This is my commandment that you ____ one another as I have ____ you

love; loved, loved; love, loved

sacraments of the ______ of _______: _____ fosters the good of family, church, and society______ _____ fosters the good of the spiritual family, the church

service of communion; marriage; holy orders

precepts of the church: you shall attend mass on _____ and ______ ____ of ____ and ____ from servile labor you shall ____ your sins at least ____ a year you shall receive ____ _____ at least once during the _____ ____ you shall observe the prescribed days of ____ and _____ you shall provide ____ ____ of the church according to ability

attend mass on sundays and holy days of obligation and abstain from servile labor your shall confess sins at least once a year you shall receive holy communion at least once during easter season you shall observe days of fasting and abstinence you shall provide for the material needs of the church according to ability

what is the great and first commandment

you shall the love the lord your god with all your heart, soul and mind

what does the parable of the good samaritan reveal about our obligation to serve others

seek out opportunities to show love for our neighbors serve them and attend to their needs

what is the new commandment of love

love one another as he loves us

what example of humble service did christ give at the last supper

washing feet

explain st pauls image of church as body of christ

baptism we become part of mystical body christ is the head and the individual believers are the members various members have different funcitons in the body deversity and interdependence of members require that all word to common good

humans were created to live in _______ to others


how is human relationship a key element in having been created in the image of god

god is a communion of 3 persons, and our human relatiohshis reflect this image when we live in communion with one another

the _____ of human persons in society mirrors the ______ community of god

interconnection; interpersonal

what does it mean to say that we do not live out our vocation in isolation

through interpersonal relations with other people we respond to and live out our vocation

_______ are specific gifts given by the ____ ____ to inviduals to use for the ____ of the ____ and _____

charisms; HS; good; church; world

______ asssist in living out a vocation to _____ and ____

charism; love and serve

recognizing ________ assist in ______ our path to ____ and the vocation which god calls us

charisms; discerning; holiness

thomas aquinas - _____ perfects _____

grace perfects nature

______ takes our imperfect _____ and elevates us to our full _____ ____ and ____ so we can be ____ to the image and _____ of ____

grace; nature; human purpose and potential; restored; image and likeness of God

what act established his church as a hierarchy and how did the early church further develop this

selected apostles with peter as head apostles established the diaconate to assit the leadership

how does a hermit in consecrated life provide service to other people

offer prayer and sacrifice on behalf of a spiritually impoverished world

what is the common priesthood of the faithful

every baptized person has a share in the priesthood through sacraments of baptism and confirmation

how do we participate in the preistly prophetic and kingly ministry of christ thorugh baptism

priest- prayer and sacrifice prophetic - prclaim good news of salvation kingly - service to the poor and the needy of the world

how does ministerial priest hood differ from common

common - carry out work in the world ministerial - build communion of priests to serve the world and act in person of christ

why are the sacraments of service at communion called that

they hel to build up communion within the church empower the baptized to carry out their sacred mission in service to god and others

what role does the grace of state play within a vocation

helps fulfill responsibilities that the vocation within that state require