The Gorgon's Head and Perseus


oracle said death by grandson→Daughter Danae had a child with Zues→Peseus→sent them away in a chest at sea


marries King Polydectes→he does not like Perseus→sends him to kill Medusa


gorgon, snake hair, can be killed


gave Perseus sword and advice


gave Perseus shield

Perseus went to...

Gray Women→took their eye→women could not fight back→told Perseus how to find the nymphs of the North→gave back eye

Nymphs gave Perseus...

winged shoes, magic wallet, and helmet of invisibility

Athena told Perseus...

which one was Medusa→Perseus killed Medusa→sisters attacked→Perseus flew away with Medus's head→blood became snakes

Perseus found...

a pretty girl chained to the cliff→girl=Andromeda


daughter of Cassiopea and Cepheus→king of the Ethiopians→gods jelous of mother→oracle said only way to save people was for her to die

Perseus made deal

Killed monster→saved Andromeda→Andromeda became wife→Perseus got land

Uncle Phineas

came to wedding→had weapons→fought with Perseus→started large fight→Perseus turned all evil people to stone with Medusa's head→killed Phineas→turned him to stone

Perseus took Andromeda home

turned Polydectes to stone

gave the Medusa head to...


Perseus made______ king of Island


Perseus went to games in...


Perseus threw...

discuss→landed on old man→old man=Acrisius(king)→oracle became true