Kinns ch.38

It comprises the LG % of total skin mass

Why is the dermal layer sometimes referred to as the "true skin

It provides insulation for the body

One of the principal functions of the subcutaneous layer of the skin?

Bulla (blister)

Which type of lesion is a sign of a partial-thickness burn

Severe pain immediately after the injury

Statement does not describe a result of a full-thickness burn

Gently rubbing the affected area

Not an appropriate action when treating frost

Herpes zoster

Antipuritics would be useful in treating which of the following conditions


Which highly contagious disorder is caused steptococci and characterized by itchy vesicles and pustules

They are less likely to cause side affects

Statement describes a major advantage of topical over systemic drugs

Use lotions with a high spf

Major preventaive action can otw take to prevent malignant neoplasms

Do all of the above (remove to much exudate, irritate the wound by inserting the swab too deeply, use court in swabs to collect the sample)

When obtaining na exudate sample from a wound for culture, it is important not to

Emphasize preventative measures that help promote healthy skin

When educating/ about the care of their skin it is best to


Medical term for "study of the skin

Within the skin

The meaning of Intradermal

Hair papilla

Not considered one of the 3 layers of the integumentary system

Subcutaneous layer

The part of the integumentary system that contains fat as a stored energy source


A blister is


A freckle is


A raised lesion is


Redness of the skin


A bruise is


Medical term for itching


A bluish coloration of the skin


___ causes a yellow discoloration of the skin


Highly contagious disorder is caused by a parasite

Affects bilateral nerve dermatomes

All the following statements are true about herpes zoster except


A procedure in which revolving wire brushes or sandpaper is used to remove superficial scars is

Ease the symptoms of a condition

Palliative treatment is prescribed to do which of the following


Samantha trace is diagnosed with times unguium. Which term best describes the condition of her nails

His immune system is attacking the body's cells

Mr Gonzales is diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder of the integumentary system. Which means...

Excoriation of surrounding tissue

Or with scabies may have which sign of infestation


Is caused by inflammation of the skin that is associated with an allergic response

All adults older than 60 yes regardless of whether they have had shingles

Zostavax is recommended for which of the following pts


Pt diaclosed with herpes simplex may be prescribed which meds

Pt should stop taking all antihistamines or allergy meds 3 to 10 days before testing

Ms. Anderson is scheduled for skin testing next week. What is an important part of preparation for procedure

It is used to remove cancerous skin lesions layer by layer to minimize the chance of regrowth

Which is true about the mohs technique