ProTools 201 Chapter 1&2

Total Voiced Audio Tracks for Simultaneous Playback/Record

Pro Tools Software: 128 mono or stereo
Pro Tools Ultimate Software Only: 256
Pro Tools HD Native Software: 256
Pro Tools HDX Hardware: Max 768 (256 per card)

Total I/O Capacity

Pro Tools Software:Up to 32 Channels
Pro Tools Ultimate Software Only: Up to 32 channels
Pro Tools HD Native Software: Up to 64 channels
Pro Tools HDX Software: up to 192 channels (64 per card)

5 Components of Pro Tools HD Hardware Systems

1. Computer
2. Pro Tools Ultimate Software
3. Storage Drives
4. HD Native/HDX Interconnect (HD Native Card, HD Thunderbolt, or HDX Card)
5. Audio Interface

HD Native hardware uses a _______________________ (FPGA) as it's primary processor

Field-Programmable Gate Array

HDX Card (Pro Tools HDX hardware only) increase the track count to ________ tracks for recording/playback


HD OMNI provides __ channels (______ mics) of analog input. ____ channels of analog output for mis surround sound 7.1, samples rates up to ______kHz. Provides a compact preamp, _______, and I/O solution


HD MADI is a ___ channel audio interface supporting the MADI format at sample rates of up to ___kHz


MADI stands for?

Multichannel Audio Digital Interface

Pro Tools MTRX has ___ card slots supporting up to ____ channels of A/D and D/A conversion


Pro Tools MTRX can be equipped with optional expansion cards for these 5 connections

Mic Preamps
AES3 Support
MADI connectivity
Dante I/O
3G-SDI connections

Pro Tools HD Native does provide a single, high powered FPGA to handle real-time routing and low-latency monitoring. What does FPGA stand for?

Field Programmable Gate Array


Base Number



Each HD audio interface provides a set number of channels of input and output to the system. These channels connect directly to a _________________ or _________ via a ________________ cable

ProTools HD-Series Card
Thunderbolt Interface
DigiLink Mini

Depending on your audio interface and sample rate, the options listed on the Clock Source selector can include the following

AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Optical (S/PDIF), ADAT, TDIF, Optical ADAT, and World Clock

This Disk Playback Cache Size determines the amount of _________________ used by the Avid Audio Engine (AAE) to manage disk buffers.

Memory (RAM)

The System Usage window will open, displaying your system activity in real time. how do you show it?

Window> System Usage

This single horizontal graph shows how much of your hard disk's total available data throughput you are using. If this meter reaches the limits of it's scale, Pro Tools may miss playback or recording of audio

Disk Meter

When you hover your mouse over the ________________ meter graph, a pop up display will appear showing the size of the ___________ (as set in the Playback Engine) and the total size of the audio files used in the session timeline

Disk Cache
Disk Cache

When you hover your mouse over the _________________, a pop up display will appear showing the percentage of memory allocated in the audio engine and video engine

Memory Meter Graph

Adding _________ to your system is an easy way to increase system performance


What are some differences between standard Pro Tools software and Pro Tools Ultimate software?

Audio tracks, video tracks, I/O capacity, video editing, and Standard Pro Tools can't support HDIO's

What are some of the advantages of using Pro Tools HD Native hardware over a system without HD series software?

Low Latency Monitoring

What are some of the benefits for floating point processing?

Extra headroom on input stage and mixer (no clipping)

What does the Playback Engine setting in the Playback Engine dialog box determine?

Which audio engine you're using

What impact does the H/W Buffer Size setting have on performance?

Lower buffer size is less latency

Under what conditions are plug-ins affected by the H/W Buffer Size?

If they're native plug-ins on a live recorded track, any native plug-ins on an Aux track, and virtual instruments

What adjustments might you make on a Pro Tools HD Native System based on the meter graph displays in this window?

Freeze/commit tracks, render clips, HW Buffer Size, Elastic Audio

A ___________ is a logical grouping of multiple inputs, outputs, or buses that has a shared name and channel format

Signal Path

Key command to display each of the 6 available tabs from within the I/O Setup dialog box


You can move multiple assignments at once by ________ around the grid assignments until they are all highlighted, then dragging them to a new location


New paths can be_____ for additional audio routing.
Existing paths can be ______ for easier identification after changing or renaming audio interfaces.


Existing paths can be _________ to or from different sources or destinations.
Paths can be made ________ or ________ as described above to manage I/O resources.
Finally, paths can be ________?

Active. Inactive

Input, Output, and Bus paths names that are in use in a session can also be renamed from the Mix or Edit window by Right clicking on the path selector and choosing ________________


To rename an existing path double click on the ______ field and enter a new name for the path. Press _______to set the new path name


Clicking the _________ button will affect only the currently selected page of the I/O Setup dialog box (importing while the Input tab is selected will import input paths only; no changes will be made to the Output, Bus, or Insert paths)

Import Settings

______ _______ ______ uses outputs 1-2 by default. This path should be set to match the output path used by the tracks you wish to record

Low Latency Monitoring

Pro Tools lets you store up to _____ Window Configurations with your session.


You can use _____ ______ ______ to import Window Configurations from another session into your current session

Import Session Data

To create a Window Configuration from the keyboard, type ____ followed by the ____ on the numeric keypad

+ key

Keyboard shortcut to show or hide the Window Configuration List


To recall a Window Configuration do one of the following

In the Window Configuration List click on a Window Configuration to recall it.
On the numeric keypad press period followed by the Window Configuration number (1-99) and the asterisk key.

Do To All modifier key command


Do To Selected key command


With a Pro Tools HDX System what is the total number of voiced tracks you can playback at one time?


The Hd Native Card uses this as it's primary processor to manage audio from your interface into and out of the Avid Audio Engine


The Avid Pre functions as both a high quality ___ channel microphone pre amp and an ___ channel Analog to Digital converter/interface


The name of the Cable that connects your Audio Interface to your HDX or HD Native card is called what?

DigiLink Mini Cable

AES/EBU, ADAT, World Clock, S/PDIF are all __________ for your Pro Tools HD Audio Interface

Clock Sources

Window Configurations can be ______ or ______ between different sessions.


T/F If you un-check the box to display the Quick Start Dialog Box when you first create a new session, the Quick Start Dialog Box is gone forever and not viewable unless you reinstall Pro Tools software.


T/F The Omni Audio Interface will work as an audio interface for both standard Pro Tools software based systems, and Pro Tools HD systems