How are obesity and overweight defined?

Accumulation of excess adipose tissue, obesity being more severe

What are the classes of obesity?

BMI: 25.0-29.9 = Overweight; BMI: 30.0-34.99 = Obese 1; BMI: 34.9-39.9 = Obese 2; BMI: 40.0+ = Obese 3

How do we measure overweight and obesity in children?

BMI: > 85th percentile but < 95th percentile = Overweight; BMI: >95th percentile = Obesity

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index

What type of data does BRFSS collect on obesity? How reliable is it?

Subjective data on: Diet, Physical activity, Prevalence of chronic disease

What groups are more affect by obesity and overweight?

Black and hispanic communities

What are the characteristics of an obesogenic environment?

Decrease in physical activity, Increase in energy dense, low-nutrient foods, A media environment that bombards certain populations like children with food marketing messages

What is nutrient density? Energy density?

Nutrient density: level of nutrients per serving --- amount of vitamins, mineral, etc in food, Energy density: number of calories per serving

What do public health interventions for obesity target?

awareness building and lifestyle approaches like diet and physical activity

What is the Lets Move campaign? What is the We Can! Campaign?

Lets move: public awareness campaign made by former First Lady; We can!: education curriculum for children 2-5 and their parents

What is the role of the family in obesity prevention interventions?


What national data do we use to assess obesity in America?


What region of the US has the highest obesity rates?


How is the cost of health care impacted by obesity?

Person with obesity have societal costs that are $92,235 more than a person without obesity

How are consumption habits of Americans affecting obesity rates?

Consumption of SSB, energy dense, low fiber, high fat diet

Eating foods high in saturated fat/refined carbs


What activity contributes to the most energy expenditure in the National Human Activity Pattern Survey?

Sitting in a car

What environmental factors affect physical activity?

The worksite environment - employee worksite wellness programs include promotion of physical activity and fitness, nutrition education; The built environment - mixed - use zoning, improved bicycling and walking opportunities, relocate supermarkets in urba

What does research about breastfeeding indicate about overweight and obesity?

Social environment- Low rates of breastfeeding increase the risks of overweight and obesity

What are keys to successful worksite wellness programs?

Meet people where they're at, Educate, counseling, and focus on diet

Are SSB taxes successful or not? Why?

Yes, they decrease obesity rates especially in low-income households and is a useful tool for promoting health behaviors

What are policy recommendations for reducing obesity in Latino communities?

Involve local communities in all public and private investments, Use equity as a grant criterion and measure, Use culturally sensitive community-based obesity prevention and control strategies, Limit advertising for unhealthy foods.