Who gets a portion of each dollar you spend on food?


What are the major types of food retailers?

Supermarkets; Supercenters/warehouse store; Small outlets/other retailors

What is a food desert? Why are we concerned with food deserts?

An urban area/district with inadequate access to healthy food retail options; Concerned because it could increase obesity rates and exposure to fast food restaurants

What are the major types of restaurants?

Full service; Fast food; Institutional food service/other

Why might we as nutrition professionals care that more of our dollars are going to food prepared away from home?

Food prepared away from home have: increased kcals, fewer fruits/whole grains, increase solid fats/added sugar

Understand the menu labeling provision in the 2010 ACA

Affordable care act
A federal law for restaurants with 20+ locations to display kcal information; Includes groceries, cv stores, movies, etc; They must display kcal information and 2 messages: 1. Additional Nutrition info available if requested 2. 2,000 k

What are the major changes from the original label introduced by the NLEA of 1990 and the new label?

Nutritional labeling and education act
Serving size and calories are bigger; Included added sugars; Eliminated daily diet calories

When are supplements appropriate to take or recommend to a patient?

Dietary deficiency is present

Are supplements tested for safety and efficacy by the FDA?

No. Manufactures are responsible for ensuring product is safe, unadulterated, and truthfully labelled

What is the GRAS list?

Generally Recognized As Safe

What office within the FDA is responsible for overseeing supplements?

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

Are energy drinks considered dietary supplements or beverages?