Nutition chapters 5-6


The body normally makes tyrosine from the essential amino acid

How will frequent consumption of this food item affect iron absorption in the body ?

Decrease iron absorption because soy inhibits iron absorption

Which of the following is a health benefit of a vegetarian diet

Vegetarians tend to have lower blpod pressure than nonvegetarians

The best way for a vegetarian to ensure adequate absorption of dietary iron is to:

Include vitamin C-rich foods because the enhance absorption of iron

The statement "100% Natural" appears on the front of the canola bottle. This indicates that:

The oil is made from basic food products

If you wish to promote heart health, what should your intake of this oil be?

It can be consumed in moderate amounts because it is high in monounsaturated fats.

Which of tge following is characteristic of a diet to reduce heart disease risk?

Low in trans fats

Which of tge following is not associated with an excess of protein?

Enlarged livers in humans

Examples of complementary protein combinations include all of the following except:

Pasta with tomato sause

Which of the following food groups does not provide significant protein


Your friend is a vegetarian who consumes large quantities of soy products in the place of meat. From a nutritian perspective, your friend is at risk of developing ___ deficiency


The recycling system for amino acids in the body is primarily used to:

Provide the cells with materials...

All of the following provides about 5 grams of fat each except

Sour cream

To replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats in your diet, you could see ___ instead of ___

Canola oil, butter

A very good way for Jackson to lower is LDL would be to

Use olive oil in the place of butter

BHA and BHT are examples of


A child suffering from protien deficiency developes edema. This is a example of proteins role in

Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance

A overemphasis on protein-rich foods can lead to

A low intake of folate; A low intake of vitamin C

It is not recommended that healthy people strictly limit their dietary cholesterol because

Cholesterol-containing foods have minimal.... ; Cholesterol-containing foods are nutritious...

Ocean fish has ben suggested to provide health benefits if eaten on a regular basis. What would your recommendation for whether or not to eat fish?

Fatty fish has bewn shown in studies to be...

EPA and DHA are:

Found in oils of fish

Cholesterol is important in nutriton because

It is necessary for the production...

Cooking oils should be in tightly covered containers in order to

Prevent them from becoming rancid ; Retard the oxidation process

To protect yourself from consuming too much ___ you should limit your consumption of swordfish, king mackerel, and shark


Which of tge following cookibg methods would you use to increase the digestibilityof protein?


Compared to meat eaters, vegetarians tend to have:

Healthier body weights ; lower blood pressure

In making recommendations for protein intake, the committee on DRI took into consideration that the protein in a normal diet would be:

A combination of animal and plant sources

Proteins that attract water and hold it within blood vessels, preventing it from freely flowing into the spaces between the cells. This is an example of how protein is used for:

Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance

The process of protein turnover includes:

Eating food sources of amino acids every day to grow new cells and replace worn-out ones.

When amino acids are degraded for energy, their amine groups are stripped off and used elsewhere or incorporated by the liver into:


The DRI for protein depends on:

Body size

Cholesterol is best known of the:


Which statement about the role of protein in a weight-loss plan is accurate?

Meeting protein recommendations during weight-loss is critical for preserving lean tissues

Approximetly what percent calories from fat would be provided by a bowl of soup containing 200 calories and 11 grams of fat?


Nutrient characteristics of nuts that may lower heart disease risk include:

They are high in dietary fiber ; They contain vitamin E, an antioxidant

Which of tge following supports the statement that "you can get fatter on fat calories than on the same number of carbohydrate calories ?

To be stored as fat, glucose... ; Compared to glucose,fat...

To ensure adequate intake of vitamin B12 , vitamin D, and calcium, vegans need to:

Select fortified foods ; Use supplements daily

Poorly planed vegetarian diets typically lack all of the following except


The current advice on following a diet to prevent heart disease is to:

Substitute polyunsaturated dats for solid fats

How many amino acids are considered to be essential amino acids?


The sequences of amino acids that make up a protein molecule are specified by :


A(n) ___ bond is formed between the amine group end of one amino acid and the acid group end of the next amino acid in a protein


A young man has said to you that he is eating much more protein in his diet than the recommendation but he feels he needs the extra amount just incase he wants to build more muscle mass in the near future. How would you respond to him?

If he has excess calories in his diet, he may gain fat weight from converted protein

A 10 year old boy is going through a growth spurt. Because he needs to build new muscle tissue, what should his nutrition status be?

Possitive nitrogen balance

Triglycerides consist of:

Three fatty acids ; Glycerol