Chick-fil-A Leadership Study Guide

Chick-fil-A Corporate Statement

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A Mission

Be remarkable

H.E.A.R.D. Model


Core Four

Create eye contact, share a smile, speak with an enthusiastic tone, stay connected

Three types of Suggestive Selling

Proactive, add-on, upgrade

True or False: Peanut oil is used to cook our Waffle fries and Canola Oil is used to cook our Chick-fil-A Sandwich, Spicy Sandwich, Nuggets and Chick-n-Strips


True or False: Waffle Potato Fries should be held no longer than 5 minutes in the holding pan and 2 additional minutes when bagged/boxed.

False; five minute max

True or False: All stock items already in the Unit should be rotated and organized so the new product goes behind the existing stock, enduring the FIFO method


Last 3 things you need to do before leaving a Unit are:

Make sure power is off, secure money, secure doors

Correct temperature for milk and egg wash:

Below 40 degrees

Temperature of cooked chicken should be:

165 or higher

Four Areas of Operational Excellence

Taste, Speed, Cleanliness, Attentive and Courteous

Four Areas of Emotional Connections Marketing

Food, people, cows, influence

First Mile Service

Core 4

Recipe for Service

Core 4 ,2nd Mile Service, and emotional connection = raving fan

Creating Raving Fans strategy

Execute operational excellence, deliver 2nd mile service, activate emotional connections marketing

What does SERVE stand for?

See the future
Engage and develop others
Reinvent continuously
Value results and relationships
Embody vales

What is our first line of defense against food-borne illness?

Washing your hands

What is a Raving Fan?

Someone who comes often, pays full price, and tells others

2nd Mile Service

Going extra mile for the customer.
Examples: Holding door open for guests, walking guests to their car with umbrella


The Electronic Restaurant Quality Assessment is a daily self-assessment that helps restaurants meet quality requirements all day, every day


The Restaurant Operational Evaluation is a third party evaluation designed to be a snapshot in time into execution of quality requirements. Quarterly evaluation is conducted unannounced.

What can a team member under 18 NOT legally do in the restaurant?

Deliveries of any kind
Borrow from other stores
Go on runs to the store
Must be on the clock for an hour before break

Name two facts about biscuits

The water has to be under 40 degrees
30 minute holding time
Don't turn the cutter

With what do we treat our customers?

Honor, dignity, and respect

Who are high needs guests?

The elderly, handicapped, and parents with small children

Chick-fil-a Promise

We will provide our customers with quality products and service in a clean restaurant by meeting the requirements every time

5 Core Values

Customers first
Working together
Continuous improvement
Personal excellence

Where are the fire extinguishers located?

ABC- By the bathrooms, manager station, and kitchen.
K- HOH by the sink in the kitchen

How many nuggets go on a small, medium, and large nugget tray?

Small -64, Medium -120, Large -200

How many strips on a small, medium, or large strip tray?

Small - 24, Medium - 45, Large - 75

How many Minis in a small tray?


How many minis in a large tray?


How do you properly clean up a bodily fluid spill?

1. cover bodily fluid and place wet floor signs.
2. triple glove, put on disposable apron
3. spray disinfectant on spillpads and surrounding area
4. Open bag, wipe spills, and dispose pads.
5. dispose one set of gloves
6. spray disinfectant

What is the ANSUL system and where is it located?

A grease fire suppression system // located BOH near machines and thawing cabinets

When should clear food service gloves be worn?

Preparing cooked/ready-to-eat food.
Removing trash.
Cleaning areas of the Restaurant.
Covering a bandaged cut on hands.
Covering a wedding band.
Covering gray cut resistant gloves.
Handling packaged food at outside sales events (due to guest perception of

When should yellow food service gloves be worn?

Worn only when working with raw chicken. This includes handling raw chicken filets, bags of raw chicken and designated metal raw chicken trays, metal pans and metal utensils.
Wearing yellow gloves serves as a reminder not to touch anything other than raw

When should gloves be changed?

Every four hours, if used continually for the same task.
To help prevent cross-contamination, be sure to always wash hands when going from one task to another and when changing gloves.

What information should appear on the label?

The date, name of product, and initial of person preparing product.

What should the temperature of the walk-in be?

35-38 degrees

What should the temperature of the freezer be?

-10 to 0 degrees

Should warm or ice-chilled water be used in making biscuits and why?

Ice-chilled water makes dough easier to handle and results in light, fluffy biscuits