Social studies quiz #5

What is the main duty of the Executive Branch?

to enforce or administer laws

The President can only serve 2 terms


What is the term for presidency

4 years

What amendment provides the term limitation of the president

22nd amendment

Duties of the President are divided into which 5 classes

1. Foreign affairs
2. Domestic and military administration
3. Legislation
4. Appointment
5. Judicial functions

What are qualifications to be a president and Vice President

Must be 35 years old, a natural born citizen, and a resident of the United States for 14 years

What is the president's salary


What is Vice Presidents salary


The president and Vice President must always run on the same party ticket


Who is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?


How many members and departments are in the president's cabinet


The Secretary of State cabinet is the official in foreign affairs


When was the department of education cabinet created


What is the department of interior cabinet responsible for?

National parks

What is the department of health and human services cabinet responsible for?

Social security

The department of state cabinet participates in the United nations


The executive branch of government is discussed in what article


Who is the President?

Donald Trump

Who is the Vice President?

Mike Pence

How many electoral votes does Illinois have


How many electoral votes are there?


What is the symbol for Republicans


What is the symbol for democrats


Who has the most electoral vote?

California with 55

Who prepares the budget for the nation?

The president

How many electoral votes are needed to win the presidency?


Name the amendment:
The first term winner of the November presidential election assumes duties of the office on January 20th

20th amendment

Those appointed by the president to these " executive departments " became known as what

Members of the presidents cabinet

If the office of the president becomes vacant, the Vice President becomes president. Next in succession is the speaker of the house, then president pro tempore of the senate, than members of the cabinet, starting with the Secretary of State


The Vice President presides over the senate of the United States, takes on duties assigned by president, succeeds the office of the president