Chapter 7


What is a consequence of alcohol intake?

Antidiuretic hormone production is suppressed

Your middle-aged aunt says that she always feels more "tipsy" than her same-size husband, even though their alcohol intake is the same. You respond to your aunt by saying that ____.

women have less stomach alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme and consequently absorb more of the alcohol into the bloodstream

Which reaction listed is an actual metabolic reaction that occurs in the cell??

lactate to pyruvate

Which sequence of events outlines the complete oxidation of glucose?

glycolysis, TCA cycle, electron transport chain

?What process describes the sum of all chemical reactions that go on in living cells?


How many acetyl CoA molecules can be obtained from oxidation of an 18-carbon fatty acid?


Lillie has been losing weight by following a very-low-carbohydrate diet for 2 months. Her primary care physician just diagnosed ketosis through a urine sample. Which symptom would be another way the physician might have suspected ketosis in Lillie?

fruity odor on breath

A feature of ketosis is that it ____.

occurs when fats are partially oxidized

After digestion and absorption, an amino acid not used to build protein will first be subjected to ____.?

removal of its amino group

If a person consumes 100 kcalories in excess of energy needs from olive oil, approximately what percentage of the kcalories are stored in the body??