Preaching Theologies Quiz


Find a faith compatible in modern worldview; Bible human interpretation of divine activity; Correlation of biblical text or doctrine with today; To translate biblical text into worldview of today

Mutual Critical Correlation

Seek a faith honoring core of tradition while critical of implausible elements; Bible a library of views, some trustworthy but others less so; mutual critical correlation between text and today; explore mutual critical correlation to clarify what they can


Articulate continuing Christian core in process perception of world; Perspectives from ancient worldviews on God's power and purposes; Bring propositions from Bible into dialogue with process philosophy; Conversation among proposals; congregation chooses


Bring people into church as ark of salvation; Bible is factual record of God's activity; Clarify what Bible says; Discover meaning of Bible and apply to today


Encounter and respond to World of God; Encounter with Bible releases God's Word; Interpret Bible as God's Word; Confront congregation with God's Word


Develop Christian identity, practice, and witness; Bible is source of Christian identity and practice; Redescribe world from perspective of Bible; Help congregation develop Christian identity


Understand confessions as believe for congregation; Bible is series of confessions; Identify what text confesses; Help folk believe and act on confession in text

Radical Orthodoxy

Reject secularism and return to orthodoxy via postmodern philosophy; Bible contains assertions of orthodox Christian theology; Recover orthodox affirmations to overcome emptiness of secularism; Help congregation participate in divine life toward transform


Encourage congregation to respect others; Bible is library of others; Attend a possibilities raised by others; Consider how text leads to respect others


Call for world of love, peace, justice, abundance; Bible is record of God's liberating work; Identify oppression and liberation in world today; Help congregation join movement to liberation


Discover how Christian faith relates to ethnic culture; Bible is key to Christian understanding but is itself a cultural expression; Often seeks to correlate text with culture, but can criticize text or culture; Help congregation discover how Bible and cu