Anatomy ch. 12 blood

Blood is considered a type of _ tissue.


Plasma represents__ percent of a normal blood sample.


What formed elements are essential to Gas exchange?

RBC (red blood cells)

Describe a red blood cell

A red blood cell is very small and when they lack a nucleus (this saves space). They also have a concave shape which mean that have a large surface area that enables them to carry lots of oxygen. They have a cytoplasm with haemoglobin.

The normal red blood cell count of an adult male is?


The normal red blood cell count of an adult female is?

4.2-5.9 million

Increases in the number of red blood cells increase the

Oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

What is the average life span of a red blood cell?

120 days

red blood cell production is stimulated by the hormone _ - released from the kidney I'm response to low oxygen.


After birth, red blood cells are produced in the

red bone marrow

What mineral is necessary for the production of normal red blood cells?


The heme portion of red blood cells decomposed into iron and


Damaged red blood cells are reticuloendothelial cells called


The cytokines that stimulate white blood cell production are

interlakins csp cells

The most numerous type of white blood cell is?


The white blood cell that forms antibodies necessary for immunity to specific diseases is the


The normal white blood cell count is _to _ per cubic mm of blood


White blood cells combat infection by?


The substances found in the cytoplasmic granuals of basophils include

Heparin and histamine

The blood element responsible for the formation of blood clots and control of bleeding is the


Albumins are

Significant in maintaining osmotic pressure

Globulins are

Antibodies of immunity that transport fats an vitamins

Fibrinogen is

In the last step of clood clotting, and the largest

What gasses are found in plasma?

Dissolved Nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide

What nutrients are found in plasma

amino acids, simple sugars, nucleotides and lipids

The most abundant plasma electrolytes are


A platelet plug begins to form when

platelets are exposed to rough surfaces

The basic event in the formation of a blood clot is the transformation of a soluble plasma protein, _ to an insoluble protein _

fibrinogen to fibrin

Prothrombin is a plasma protein produced by the _


A fragment of a blood clot that is traveling in the bloodstream is called an?


The clumping of red blood cells when unlike blood is mixed is due to antibodies in the plasma and antigens in the


A person with type A blood has

Agglutinogen A and Anti-B agglutinins

Agglutinins for RH appear

only in response to stimulation by Rh agglutinogens