Review Questions

Adult chest compressions per min to give


During lap chole why is Nitros oxide not used

bowel distention, Air in lungs

Med that caused MH

.succyinylcholine and halotholee


used to forced urine (kidney patients) diuretic

% of oxygen saturation


Anticholinergic med.

atropine Zantac has

Clef repair not enough skin

graft, collage, what to do, inverting

Best stapler for a hollow lumen

EEA 29 stapler

what surgery uses colorful suture?

mitral valve

What's a Colles fracture?

complete fracture of radius ( wrist) bone in an upward or posterior displacement

Smith's fracture

Distal radius fracture

Catheter used to guide Catheter for uretheral block

straight, Foley, caude

Shoulder injury in forced internally.


Suture for bladder

Absorbable suture ex. Vicral suture

What solution is used for Hysterectomy with ablation..

uses saline

Who do u report a broken bed to

biomedical engineer


open chest or sternum

Fowler's position complication


1 gram =

1 milliliter

What clip can be seen on radiography bright burst.


Central venous catheter used for?

meds, fluids, measure central venous pressure

Suture technique best for everting edges

horizontal mattress

Hysterectomy for bleeding had multiple c sections


Male hemocrit %

40% to 54%

Rule of 9s


L5 S1 What retracted to get there(

inguinal, ???)

Cervical disk position for surgery?

prone or sims lateral

Who approves gas inhalation ..


Craniotomy, patelectomy, spine self retaining retractor


Stones in ampulla of vator during a lap chole what do u do .

flush into duodenum

How do you retract a bile duct

vein retractor, retention sutures, penrose,senn)

Patient takes Ginseng and fish oil what to expect during surgery

blood loss, hard to wake up

Neck surgery antibiotic


Greater and less troch

hip fracture

Closed gravity drain form what procedure ?

bladder neck resection, hysterectomy, thyroid, ???)

Open femur and poor vascular what kind of infection

fat embolism

During surgery an appendectomy is ruled out what does Pt have?

meckel diverticulam

You expect to have blood losss and transfusion what kind of drain do you use?

Blake drain

Auto graft..

from the individuals own body


donor of same species

Heterograft or xenograft..

graft used from another species

Most used ACL grafts

Patellar, hamstring tendon and donor tissue( allograft)

Blood products ready preoperatively for patient with

liver disease ???)

3 dermotome types

knife, drum, electric

Sponge left in surgery is term for?

negligence, battery, assault)

Valgus and Varus is what body part.


Potassium levels....


Biomedical .....

surgical equipment

What's term Pt ptt?

pro thrombin time test used with warfarin


hins blood and prevents blood clots . A PT test is conducted when using this to determine clotting time

What happenes when Heparin is used?

Thins blood, prevents blood clots, used more in emergency cases. Works fast

What reverses the effect of heparin in surgery?

Protamine sulfate

Hemovac gravity and closed drains used for?

Used to remove fluids that build up in body areas after surgery.

Interosseous injection goes where...

.bone marrow

During Blood loss a healthy patient can used?

whole blood, packed red blood and crystoloids

Tourniquet time is initially decided by.

which limb is being used

Closed soft tissue trauma starts swelling.


Titanium staples removed with..


Cerebellum (lesion) surgery approach


Anterior cervical disk what muscle

platysma muscle


medical device .used to destroy venous valves especially greater saphenous

Phenestial excision not used for .


What type of colostomy uses a rod or tube,


Used for heart arrhythmia.

Lidocaine or xylocane

Pediatric heart conditions are

atrioventricular canal and atrial septal defect

Most important factor when using a tourniquet
pressure cuff?

limb being used

What drain is used for a Radical neck disection?

Jackson Pratt drain

What do you do next, when the veres needle is inserted and it doesn't work?

reinsert needle. Change tube, change tank, change machine)

Strabismus surgery.