Government-Topic 1

public policy

identify the problem, set agenda, make policy, budget, implement, evaluate

civic opportunities-local

organizing to solve a problem-write congress, organize people to volunteer, request funds from government, run for political office

civic opportunities-state

join watch group, volunteer, petition, attend school board meeting

you want a skateboard park...

attend city council meeting and present the benefits

political parties

members that hold views on issues-dictate policy by winning elections and holding office

Political Parties

Democrat>Green, Repuplican>Tea, Libertarian

Interest groups

Members have similar views, influence policy (ex: Alt left, Alt right, BLM, Green Peace


communication with different audiences (have influence) CNN-liberal (Democrat), FOX-conservative (Republican)


come general agreement


come to an agreement by discussing issues


forcing others to accept point of view (reason or argue)


Settle differences by making concessions (giving back)

Consensus building

achieving general agreement