Tidwell Section 0.1 Test

George Washington

Virginia officer and statesman who led the continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

Mayflower Compact

this is the governing document for Plymouth Colony that established forms of self- government for the colonists. It comes from boats. It's a contract in which all the people getting off promise to abide by the rules that they decided on. Very simple form

Magna Carta

limited the power of English monarch. It protected the right of people to own private property and guaranteed the right to trial by jury. Foundation of our American government.

English Bill of Rights

written list of freedoms that the government promised to protect


an intellectual movement in Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that emphasized reason and individualism over faith and tradition

Great Awakening

a religious movement in the North American colonies that emphasized individual salvation and high standards of personal morality. There were two of these.

Thomas Jefferson

a Virginia statesman who is the main writer of the Declaration of Independence. "a true renaissance man

John Locke

was an English philosopher who wrote Two Treatises of Government

John Hancock

a Massachusetts statesman who served as the president of the Second Continental Congress. First to sign declaration of independence and made it really big so King Henry could see.

House of Burgesses

the legislature for the Jamestown colony established by the Virginia Company in 1619; it was the first legislative assembly in North America. Governing body of the colony of Virginia

it takes decades for the mayflower compact to get settled

how long does it take for the mayflower compact to get settled?

50% of people

how many people died from diseases and more after arriving?

tobacco made their colony take off and made them rich

what made jamestown prosper?

plymouth rock and created plymouth colony in 1620

when and where did the pilgrims land?


when was columbus voyage?


over the course of the next ______ numerous voyages would lead to claiming of newly discovered _____ in the _______ hemisphere.


what three countries would lay claims to the lands of North America?

sometimes it started war

did all of the countries claims cause conflicts?

the 13 english colonies

what is the foundation that will become the united states?


in ____ the English would establish their 1st permanent settlement in North American at __________ in the colony of Virginia


when were the last of the thirteen colonies created?


what was the first colony and first to freely elect a legislative body called the house of burgesses?

new england colonies
middle colonies
southern colonies

the colonies established into what three regions?

influence economic, cultural, and social growth

what were characteristics of each region?

lumbering, ship building, shipping, and fishing (growing things would be a secondary economic factor)

what were primary economic factors for the new england colonies?

commerce economy with farming, trade, and religious toleration

what were the middle colonies known for?

the southern colonies because of their warm clime and long growing season. (tobacco, rice, and cattle farms)

what region was the agricultural region and why?

1) Magna Carta
2) English Bill of Rights
3) Enlightenment thinking
4) House of Burgesses
5) Mayflower Compacts

Democratic tradition will inspire the colonist to grow into a land expecting democratic government for themselves. They did this by the following: (5 things)

The enlightenment will further influence democratic traditions within the colonies with application of reasoning in political philosophy and government structure as well as renewing the religious aspect of colonial life by sparking the Great Awakening

what did enlightenment do?

in north america

where did the conflicting claims made in earlier centuries by European nations cause problems?

french and english

the ________ and _________ claimed the land west of the Appalachian mountains

The French and Indian war came about over the dispute of who owned the area west of the Appalachian Mountains and land drained by the Ohio River. The final result would deal with a great deal more than that area

What brought about the French and Indian war? (for what prizes were they fighting for?)

The political turning point in the French and Indian war was the appointment of William Pitt as Secretary of State in England.

What was the political turning point of the war and why?

1) France will cede all its Canadian lands to Great Britain
2) France will cede all its lands east of the Mississippi to Great Britain except New Orleans
3) Spain will cede Florida to Great Britain
4) France will give to Spain all its lands west of the Mi

What were the provisions of the Treat of Paris 1763?

French and Indian War

what is one of the final steps leading to the colonies declaring independence?

The Proclamation of 1763 issued by the British government closed settlement or occupation of the land's west of the Appalachian mountains to American colonist and gave these lands to the Indian nations of the area.

what did the proclamation of 1763 do? who was it issued by?

After the war the British government passed a number of tax laws that the colonist opposed as well as the violating a number of rights that citizens in Britain had but denied American colonist. The presence of a standing army in the colonies when there wa

what happened after the french and indian war?

The idea of no participation in the process of passing these laws (no representation) was a huge problem for many colonists. Proposed tax, trade regulations, violation of the principle of trial by jury of peers were all issues that confronted the colonies

what were the huge problems for many colonists?

they boycotted british goods by both individuals and businesses.

what was the way the colonies fought back?

American purchase of British goods was a large part of the British economy and when the boycotts hurt the British businesses parliament repealed many of the laws. The delegate agreed to meet again the following spring if nothing had been resolved to decid

what was a large part of the british economy?

passing the british parliament ( stamp act )

what is the most significant thing of 1765?

1) First direct tax act that parliament was set on people
2) The response to this is the meeting between the delegates of each state and they are called the Stamp Act Congress.
3) They did this to repeal the act. It works.

what is the stamp act?

1) Protest to local officials is the first thing they did
2) Next, they recommended to the American citizens is to boycott the purchase of British good.
3) The third thing, is to go to the owners of stores to ask them to sign a non importation agreement (

what are the three things the stamp act congress did?

- In 1774, colonists held a convention called the First Continental Congress
- Delegates from 12 colonies (not Georgia) met in Philadelphia to send a list of complaints to the British government that was later ignored.
- The delegated agreed to meet again

what happened in 1774 before the stamp act?

american merchants can only buy tea from a certain british tea company and this is replusive to american people

what is the boston tea party and how did americans feel about it?

One month before the delegates were to meet armed conflict broke out between colonial militia and the British Army at the battle if Lexington and concord.

what happened one month before the delegates were to meet?

During the conflict at lexington and concord, the second continental congress was formed and they sent another letter to the British and it got ignored by Parliament and the king.

how was the second continental congress formed?

- it was a committee made up of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson declared their independence from Britain
- The declaration was mainly written by Thomas Jefferson with help from Adams and Franklin.
- Th

who was apart of the declaration of independence and what was it?

The intent was to be independent from Britain and to give reasons why they felt this was necessary.
It also expressed enlightenment ideas about the natural rights of people and the purposes of government

what was the intent of the declaration of independence?

- The importance of the declaration of independence lay in both how it captured the ideals of the revolution, inspiring the struggle, and how it laid the groundwork for the future government.
- The declaration went on to list the reasons why the colonists

what was the importance of the declaration of independence?

Names such as George Washington, Anthony Wayne and Nathaniel green are well known for their military contributions but other not so common names such as John Peter Muhlenberg, John Witherspoon, and Jonathan Trumbull contributed as much to the victory.

who is known for their military contributions?

George Washington

leader of the continental army?

- signed on July 4th, 1776 (known as Independence Day)
- We actually gain independence after the Revolutionary War from 1775-1783. This lasted 8 years

when was the document signed and when did we actually gain the independence?

- "The shot heard around the world" is the shot at Lexington. The significance is that it created the most powerful armies in the world and this shot started the war
- the battle of lexington and concord

what is "the shot heard around the world"? and what battle was this?

The significance of this is it will chase the British army out of Boston. The other thing it does is it shows the untrained American militias can stand up to the professional British army and be victorious.

what is the significance of the siege of boston?

December 26, 1776

when is the battle of trenton?

The significance is that it is going to boost the morale of the continental army and American citizens. Big victory of the army.

what is the significance of the battle of trenton?

loyalists are American Citizens that are still loyal to the British king

who are loyalists?

We won against again and this gave us a shot at winning the war. France becomes our first ally and is the first to give us our independence. The Spanish government shortly later does the same thing. France brings troops to help us fight too.

what is the significance of the battle of saratoga?

The turning point of the war in the south.

what is the significance of the battle of the cowpens?

George Washington ordered 5000 troops to block Cornwallis' escape at Yorktown. Cornwallis wasn't worried because he thought the British were coming to help them but the French ships attacked the British first and he is blocked for 3 weeks.

what is the battle of yorktown?

- After 3 weeks of nonstop battle, Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown on October 17, 1781
- this war gave us our independence. The British parliament asked for peace negotiations which took two years to get

what was the outcome of the battle of yorktown and what was the significance?

the formal paper that would end the american revolution

what was the treaty of paris of 1783?

1) The acknowledgement of American Independence
2) The boundaries to be the Mississippi on the west, the Atlantic on the east
3) All debts due creditors of either country by citizens of the other were recognized as valid
4) Hostilities were to cease and a

what was within the treaty of paris of 1783?

july 4, 1776
december 26, 1776

when was the declaration of independence signed and when was the battle of trenton?

The tea act. The tax on the tea is insignificant and it is the granting by parliament a monopoly of selling tea in the colonies. The most iconic response is the Boston tea party and this is what started the American revolution. The tea is dumped into the

What is the action taken by parliament that the American citizens responded VERY heavily?

- Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.
- Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware
- New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

what are the southern colonies?
what are the middle colonies?
what are the new england colonies?

explored for spain; 1492-1504; he explored various caribbean islands

who was christopher columbus?

explored for spain; 1518-1522; he explored mexico and defeated the aztecs

who was hernan cortes?

he explored for portugal; he encouraged and financed many voyages. He is also credited with navigation and map making. He was NOT an explorer he just encouraged people to explore.

who was prince henry the navigator?