Microsoft Word Section 2

By default, Word documents are based on a template that specifies line spacing of ____ and ____ points of spacing after each paragraph.

1.08; 8

Collapse text in a document containing headings by clicking this gray shape that displays when you hover over text with a heading applied.

A triangle

Ctrl + I is the keyboard shortcut for

italicizing the selected text.

If you do not want automatic numbering or bulleting in a document, you can turn off the feature at the ____ dialog box.


In the lower right corner of the Font group, a small button containing a diagonal arrow launches the ____ when clicked.

Font dialog box

The Clear All Formatting button can be found in the ____ group on the ____ tab.

Font; HOME

The Format Painter button can be found in the ____ group on the ____ tab.

Clipboard; home

This button, found in the Paragraph group on the Home tab, features the image of a tipping bucket.


This group on the Home tab contains a button for selecting the entire document.


This object in Word 2016 displays above selected text.

Mini toolbar

To apply a predesigned style, click the desired thumbnail in the Styles group on the _____ tab.


To change the text alignment to center, use this keyboard shortcut.

Ctrl + E

What does the Format Painter button do?

copies formatting from one part of the document to another part

When changing a font in your Word document, you can hover your mouse pointer over a typeface option in the drop-down gallery and see your text displayed in the selected font. This feature is called

live preview

Which of the following is not one of the tab alignment options available in the Tabs dialog box?


Which of the following is not one of the three tabs contained in the Borders and Shading dialog box?

indent and spacing

You can insert a bullet before each item in a list by clicking the Bullets button in the ____ group on the Home tab.


You can repeat a command in Word by pressing the ____ function key.


Pressing Ctrl + U with text selected will

underline text

Style sets are available in the _____ group on the Design tab.

Document Formatting