Electrical Certificate FINAL

When installing fiber optic cable in commerical airplanes, there is a tolerance of _________ for damage to the cable.


True or False: In a commerical airplane, a fiber optic cable and its installation have less quality requirements than electrical wire or cable installations.


True or False: After handling fiber optic cables, you should always wash your hands.


A fiber optic cable has a ________ minimum bend radius than an electrical wire or coax cable with the same diameter.


What is used to protect a fiber optic cable and connector?

Dust cap

If the minimum bend radius is not specified, the standard minimum bend radius is ____ times the outer diameter of the cable.


Simplex fiber optic cable containing a multi-mode fiber have a ________ colored jacket.


Which type of multiple fiber cable has several simplex cables bundled together and a ripcord and strength members within an outer jacket?


What type of fiber optic cable has hallow plastic tubes as a secondary buffer and is used in harsh environments?

Loose tube

A common single fiber cable is called a

Simplex cable

Which type of multiple fiber cable, often called a duplex cable, is made of two simplex cables connected by a thin web of jacket material?

Zip cord

Which of the following is not a component layered over a simplex fiber optic cable?

Silicone housing

Which type of multiple fiber cable has up to twelve fibers and is used to transmit multiple signals short distances?


What is the color of the jacket for cables with multiple single mode fibers?


What is the color of the jacket for cables with multiple multi-mode fibers?

Orange or slate-gray

The strength members of fiber optic cable allow the strands to withstand a pulling force of approximately _____ pounds.


The ________ mechanism and spooling wheel pull the fiber though the drawing tower.


What do you call the change in the power level from one end of the fiber to the other?


True or False: Light waves with longer wave lengths will move through a fiber faster than light waves with a shorter wave lengths assuming they all follow a similar path.


The temperature in the drawing tower furnace is approximately ______ degrees Fahrenheit.


Optic fibers are tested to make sure they meet a tensile strength of ______ pounds per square inch.


True of False: In the fabrication of a preform, the glass from the tube will form the cladding in the final optical fiber.


Commonly referred to as a micron, a ________ is one millionth of a meter.


The speed of light is about 300,000 kilometers a second, or ________ miles a second.


The outer layer of an optic fiber is called the ________.


When attaching the connector body, the barrel should be ________ the braided shield.


When crimping a contact with the Daniels' tool, position the tool so the turret head is on the:


The outer sleeve of the crimped connector must be within ____ inch from the end of the body.


True or False: Once the contact is crimped, the conductor must not be visible in the inspection window.


Crimping a contact with a Daniels tool in the wrong positioner, sometimes called a ________, will cause the contact to be crimped incorrectly.


The small end of the body of a connector body is called the ________ and will fit between the shield and foil or dielectric when assembled.


A ________ mount connector is inserted into a hole in the equipment and then secured by tightening a nut onto the connector and against the face of the equipment.


A coax connector that contains a socket is called a:


A coax cable needs a connector to attach the cable to the equipment and attaching a connector to the cable is called ________ the cable.


What type of coax connector uses a strip of metal in the jack to apply pressure to a groove near the tip of the plug?

Locking detent

The outer sleeve of a connector is often called a:

Locking detent

The outer sleeve of a connector is often called a:


A ________ mounted connector is attached to equipment using bolts or screws.


The ________ cable has two inner conductors covered by separate primary insulation layers.


Which type of coax cable in an airplane has a layer of aluminum foil between the primary insulation and braided shield?


The ________ of a coax cable acts as a return conductor and provides resistance to electromagnetic interference.


The typical coax cable is also called a ________ shield coax cable.


Which type of coax cable has an additional conducting braided shield and extra layer of insulation and is capable of carrying a wider range of electrical signals?


True or False: When inspecting the crimp, it is ok if the conductors extend past the wire stop.


When crimping a terminal, you insert the ________ end of the terminal into the tool against the stationary dies until the end is just past the locator.


After a terminal has been crimped, you need to check that the ends of the conductors are visible at the tongue end and within ____ inch from the end of the wire barrel.


The conductor crimp barrel of a terminal is often called:

Wire barrel

Terminals and splices that hold 18 to 22 AWG size wires have ________ markings.


True or False: The pre-insulated splice is used in pressurized areas of the airplane that are temperature grade A or B.


Terminals and splices that hold 14 to 16 AWG size wires have ________ markings.


The insulation on terminals may be color coded for the size of the terminal. Terminals that hold 10 to 12 AWG wires are:


What tool may be used to check the head height after a pre-installed ground stud has been installed?

Feeler gauge

True or False: To clean the inside of the drilled hole, you roll up a wipe and pull it through the hole moving it in and out or you may use a pipe cleaner.


When you use a puller tool to install a pre-installed ground stud, what happens to the head of the stud?

It swedges into the hole

Which type of washer has a special coating that prevents electrolysis between the ground stud and the aircraft?

Corrosion washer

How many test probe receptacles are on the BCD M1 meter?


When connecting a single probe to the BCD M-1 meter, always connect the probe to the:

Single remote probe receptacle

The top graduation scale on the Hewlett Packard milliohmmeter is used for the measurement ranges starting with:

1, 10, 100

Make sure there is not any ________ clamps or ties in the unpressurized area of the project.


In the final inspection, check that the pink and purple flags on the bundles are within ____ inch of the correct edge of the clamps.


Wires and cables must have ____ inch of clearance from the structure and the panels.


Bundles should not be tied within ____ inches of either side of the bulkhead.


The minimum bend radius of wires, cables, and wire bundles is ____ times the diameter of the largest wire or cable.


When installing wire bundles, you need to provide a ____ inch minimum clearance from hydraulic lines.


With a raceway clamp, the metal portion of the clamp must be at least ____ inch from any wire.


Ties on the parent bundles should be a maximum of ____ inches apart from a breakout.


In the pressurize area, the installation plan requires ties to be placed no further than ____ inches from a tie or clamp.


In the unpressurized area, the installation plan requires ties to be placed no further than ____ inches from a tie or clamp.


The deflection in wire bundles between clamping points in both pressurized and non-pressurized areas should be ____ to ____ inch.

0.25 to 0.75

The gap between the ends of the rubber covering on the GU clamp can not be more than ____ inch.


After all the clamps are installed, you need to review the ________ table of the production illustration for any requirements that are relevant.

Specific notes

Always review the significant process checks of the ________ section of the IP to determine how the minimum bend radius is calculated for wires, bundles, cables, and fiber optic cables.


To confirm that the production illustration is the same drawing number, sheet number, and revision letter, you will check it against the:


A ________ is a common component attached to the structure which has a threaded hole in the end to allow a clamp to be bolted to it.


True or False: Detailed written requirements for slack, clearance and separation of wires, and minimum bend radius are included in the operation section of the IP.


True or False: Breakouts containing multiple wires must be tied within 3 inches of the parent bundle.


When tying a knot, you need to tighten it which is called ________ the knot.


Wires that terminate at a connector without a backshell should be tied ________ from the back grommet of the connector.

1.5 to 3 inches

True or False: Fraying on the ends of lacing tape is not allowed if it goes into the knot.


The ends of the lacing tape must be trimmed a maximum of ____ inch from the knot.


True or False: Ties are not allowed with 3 inches of a seal fitting.


What type of knot is tied whenever lacing tape is used to secure a wire bundle?

Clove hitch

Wire bundles over _____ inches in diameter require the lacing tape to be doubled over.


Wire bundles must be tied on both sides of a breakout point and cannot be farther than ____ inches apart.


A filler ________ is a nail shaped piece made of a special rubber material and are often used on plastic clamps.


True or False: Drip loops are required for high vibration areas that are unpressurized.


True or False: A clamp should be oriented 90 degrees to the axis of the wire bundle.


A drip loop for a vertical connector must have the position of the wire bundle moving ________ before moving to the back of the connector.


Made of metal with rubber padding, ________ clamps are usually used in unpressurized areas of the airplane but can be used on large wire bundles in pressurized areas.


Clamps in high vibration areas should be less than ____ inches apart unless otherwise specified.


A wire bundle smaller than ______ inch in diameter uses a cobra clamp and a single ring post.


The minimum bend radius of a cable depends upon the ________ diameter of the cable.


Wire bundles are divided into ________ categories depending upon their function.


Often called ________, these can be used with plastic ties to separate two wire bundles in pressurized areas.

Tie spacers

Each separation code has a ________ assigned to it.


True or False: Critical ring post spacer symbols indicate areas where ring posts must be inserted between wiring components.


What production illustration symbol indicates an area where a special spacer must be inserted between clamps?

Critical spacer

True or False: Beneath each view found in the picture area of a PI drawing is a set of arrows that are set at forty-five degrees from one another.


When a purple flag marker is on a wire bundle, the nearest edge of the flag is within ____ inch either way of the specified location.


When a ________ appears on a production illustration, it indicates that the wire bundle with which it is associated is continued in another area.


Components in the airplane that the assembly electrician will use to clamp wire bundles to are referred to as:

Attach points

Every module is given it's own ________ which identifies the type of work detailed in the module, the model of the airplane and where in the airplane the work will be done.


The module base number has three main informational pieces; general area identifier, ________ identifier, and section and area identifiers.


What is the maximum wire bundle diameter that you can use a standard sized cable tie?


A clove ________ knot is tied whenever lacing tape is used to secure a wire bundle.


Which component of an MTC connector holds the wires?


What is the second step in installing a connector?

Trim the wire

The length to strip each wire will depend on the ________.


Inserting the contacts by hand is sometimes called:

Shoulder loading

Splices starting with which of the following letters are installed during the fabrication of the wire bundle?


Which color sleeve is used to identify a connector in high temperature areas?


Which color sleeve is used to identify a connector in low temperature areas?


A purple flag marker indicates a critical flag marker and must be within ____ inch of its specified position.


Splices starting with which of the following letters are attached after the bundle is installed in the airplane?


The larger the AWG number:

The smaller the wire will be

A ________ type of cable uses a thin metal braid or thin metal foil to cover the outside of the insulation that prevents electromagnetic interference?


Wire sizes are designated by a numbering system called:


There are two classes of wire used on an airplane. The ________ class is resistant to hydraulic fluid and is used in areas such as the landing gear or wings.

Class 1 wire

There are two classes of wire used on an airplane. Which class is not resistant to hydraulic fluid and is used in areas where it would not be in contact with hydraulic fluid.

Class 2 wire