Computer Applications 1st Nine Weeks Test

What is located uinside a computer's system unit holds all of a computer system's components and is referred to as the computer's circuy board

Mother board

Name the four categories of computer systems and give an example of where they are found/used

Supercomputer (NASA)
Mainframe (Universities)
Mid Range File Server (Hospitals)
Microcomputers (Schools)

What three trends that computers have followed since their beginning in the 1940s?

Smaller, cheaper, and quicker

All computers are classified according to their

Size, ability, and speed

Two manufactures of microprocessors are

Intel and AMD

Name three examples of microcomputers (most popular)

Desktop, tablets, and laptops

What is the housing of important computer components like the motherboard, processor, and hard disk

System unit

Name three types/ example of computer storage devices. (Secondary, permanent storage)

Flash drive, hard disk, and floppy disk

All computer systems are made up of what four components

Hardware, data, software, and users

Name five categories of computer hardware and give an example of each

Communication devices (router)
Input devices (keyboard)
Output devices (printer)
CPU (microprocessor)
Storage device (flash drive)

Raw facts that are input into the computer is called ______ and the processed facts are called _____

Data, information

Name the two main/primary computer memory


What is an electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result


What connects one computer to other computers and peripheral devices and enable them to share data and resources


Name two networks and explain each

LAN- networks that are close together
WAN- networks that are far apart

What presents (gives) the results of processed data

Output device

computer's brain


Device used to allow computers to communicate


Output produced by a monitor

Soft copy

Any device connected to a computer's motherboard


Provides programs and data for a small network (ex. Mrs. Cassie)

Mid-Range File Server

Physical, touchable parts of a computer


Instructions or programs used with a computer


Piece of computer equipment used to enter data to be processed

Input device

Newest form of computer storage offered in the Internet


Output produced by a printer


Part of microprocessor that performs mathematical and logical operations


Storage for one character, made up of 8 bits


Temporary computer memory (volatile)


Part of microprocessor that performs input and output operations

CU (Control Unit)

List 5 of the most common types of applications software

Communication software
Spread sheet software
Word processing software
Presentation graphics software
Desktop publishing software
Data base software

A software, that is the main (most important) computer program a computer uses. An example of this program for the PCs is ____ and for the Apple computer is ____

Operating system, windows, and OSX

What are the two basic types of software used by computers

Application software and operating system software

Modern operating systems use a/an ______ which lets you use your mouse to click icons, buttons, and menus

GUI (graphical user interface)

What are two functions (jobs) of operating system software

Manages memory and processing as well as software and hardware

What consists of programs designed to perform specific tasks for users

Application software

Who is the founder of the Microsoft Corporation

Bill gates

Who founded the Apple Corporation in 1976

Steeve Wozniak and Steeve Jobs

What was the operating system software used by PCs during the 80's


What software applications allow users to create and manipulate documents

Desktop publishing

Where is a computer's operating system found when the computer is off

Hard disk

Where is the computer's operating system found when the computer is being used


What software applications allow users to perform calculations on data


Name two examples of communications application software

Email and Skype

What is the name of the most popular word processing application

Microsoft word

Instead of having to use posters or slide shows, we can now use ______ applications software such as _____ (brand)

Presentation graphics, PowerPoint

What software applications provide the capability to modify/edit existing images/pictures

Image editing

The first operating systems used by PCs used a/an ______ interface. (DOS was an example of this software)

Command driven

What operating system software do we use on the computer's in this classroom


True/False computers do NOT have to have operating system software. They can operate with only applications software.


A set of instructions that tell the computer what to do or how to perform a task is called ____