Geography Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Tools of Geographers


half of the earth

Equator divides the earth into sections called

Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Maps vs. Globes

shows more detail, political boundaries, specific info, portable etc.

The key on a map

Lists and explains the symbols, colors, and lines used on the map

The scale bar on a map

tells the measured space on the map as it corresponds to actual distances

Map projections

used to convert the round earth to a flat map (can distort some aspects)

Political maps

shows human-made features and boundaries of countries or states

Network for GPS developed by the US

Global Positioning System


Geographic Information System, A computer system that stores, organizes, analyzes, and displays physical and human features with locations.

Remote sensing

getting information from far away since the 1970s using satellites


measurement of how much above or below sea level a place is

thematic map

a map that shows specialized information

compass rose

feature on the map that shows direction


difference between the elevation of one feature and the elevation of another feature near it


round shape like a ball