Public Speaking Chapter 15- Speaking to Inform

What percent of college graduates said they use informative speaking "almost constantly


What are the three criteria that an informative speech will be judged on?

1. Is the information communicated accurately?
2. Is the information communicated clearly?
3. Is the information made meaningful and interesting to the audience?

What are the four topics of informative speeches most people give?

1. Speeches about objects
2. Speeches about processes
3. Speeches about events
4. Speeches about concepts

What does the book define as an object?

Anything that is visible, tangible, and stable in form

What are the ways you can order your speech?

Chronological (Describe History or evolution)
Spatial (Describe main features)
Topical (Major features)

What 4 guidelines (discussed in ch 9) should you follow when creating your speech?

1. Limit your speech to between two and five main points
2. Keep main points separate
3. Use the same pattern of wording for all main points
4. Balance the amount of time devoted to each main point

What is a process?

A systematic series of actions that leads to a specific result or product

What are the two types of process speeches?

1. So listeners will understand it better
2. So listeners are better able to preform

What is the definition of an event?

Anything that happens or is regarded as happening

What is the definition of a concept?

A belief, theory, idea, notion, principle, or the like

What way are speeches about concepts usually organized?

Topical order

What are the book's 6 guidelines to giving an informative speech?

1. Don't overestimate what the audience knows
2. Relate the subject directly to what the audience knows
3. Don't be too technical
4. Avoid Abstractions
5. Personalize your ideas
6. Be creative

How can one avoid using abstractions?

Through descriptions, comparisons, contrast

What does it mean to personalize something?

To present one's ideas in human terms that relate in some fashion to the experience of the audience

What is the definition of a concept?