Psych 3 Flashcards

Non Verbal Social Influence

expressing emotions non verbally...tongue lolling- when a gorilla
hurts another while playing it sticks out its tongue "I over did it

Social Transmission of Fears

When baby begins to step over that "cliff" the parent gasps
in fear. The baby learns that its now hesitant to go over that "cliff

Social Facilitation

People who race do better against others rather than against time. Competition

Diffusion of Responsibility....Bystander Effect

Someone is more likely to help depending on who is around

Social Loafing

Tendency to not work as hard when you are working towards something
as a group...Avoid this by assigning a task to each member(Jigsaw Strategy)

Demand Characteristics

People do what they're told in a study- ask questions later....People
act according to situation.....Each situation has demand characteristics

Panic & the prisoners dilemma

Panic: how you might act in exiting a crashing plane
Dilemma- How you'd act knowing the outcome of others
The more people that panic, less chance of survival....knowing this
you'd go ASAP


Seeing how other people act gives us clues on how to act

Does Brainstorming work?

1. People come in with different ideas
2. 2/3rds or more share common opinion
3.Group outcome is normally the common opinion

Intellective Task

-has an answer
-takes 1 person to say answer and one to say its correct

Judgmental Tasks


Group Think

During Kennedy Administration..Bay of Pigs invasion approved by group
They dismissed any opinions that didn't agree


Someone's reason to describe their behavior


Giving someone a trait


Don't consider situation

Fundamental Attribution Error

Giving someone a trait without taking their situation into consideration.
The attributions we make effect how we behave
attributions have influence or mood

Internal-External Disposition vs. situation

Buying cereal because it was within reach but you say it is because
you like the cereal

Global vs Specific

Specific: I don't understand the concepts on this test
Global: I'm bad at math, I'm stupid

Stable vs Unstable

Distractions-cant study because someone by you is smacking gum...unstable

Internal, stable, global attributions

depressed people

Fixed mindset

Stable dispositions about yourself....I'm terrible at math

Growth Mindset

I haven't learned this yet.....I'm not good at this yet....keyword:yet

Attitude Change

Attitude follows behavior

Foot in the door effect

If you ask someone to make a small behavioral modification---> big effects
a small agreement (to put a drive safe sticker on window) ---->
then agreed to put an ass-ugly billboard in the yard

Sticker on window

then agreed to put an ass-ugly billboard in their yard


People's behavior that is manipulated
They begin to justify what they're doing for the wrong
reasons--->don't realize they were manipulated to do it


gives something an important it should never have
kid gets good grades---->parents give him ice cream
therefore kid gets good grades for ice cream

cognitive consistency/dissonance

if someone you like likes someone you don't like you like the person
you like less

Demonic Possession

People drill holes in patients' heads to give the demons a way to go out

mental "hospitals

People were chained to walls and had cold or hot water dumped on them
people would be put on display so people could pay and view them

The pathology model

treating mental disorders as a disease

somatogenic disorder

A body disease such as a stroke or syphilis

psychogenic stress

mental disorder


develops in early adulthood

disorganized speech & derailment

listening to 1 of their particular sentences---->sounds fine
Multiple phrases together are all over the place...can't really
think things through


person who thinks these are listening devices all throughout their apartment
person a


genetic or poverty makes it more likely