Chapter 4 - Legal and Ethical Issues in the Dental Business Office

A (n) ___ is summoned to provide an opinion as to whether the dental care given met a standard of care.

Expert witness

A clinical dental assistant is hired in the practice. The dentist indicates that this person is to place an intracoronal provisional restoration. The person knows how to perform the task but does not yet have the RDA credential required to perform the spe

Inform the dentist that she does not yet have the appropriate credential to perform the task

A consent form may be signed by all of the following except the:

Minor patient

A dentist moves to another state without informing his or her patients and fails to care for patients still in need of care and attention. This action is referred to as:


A patient contacts the office and complains about the fee that was billed for a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. He states that no one informed him what the fee was going to be. The dentist claims that her fees are standard and that the patient should have

The dentist should have informed the patient prior to treatment what the fee was going to be

A written or verbal contract that describes specifically what each party in the contract will do is called:

Informed consent

T/F: An expert witness has scientific knowledge and experience and can testify about the normal or abnormal conditions in a case. A fact witness can testify in a case whether she or he observed the activity in question.

The first statement is false; the second statement is true

An insurance company requests verification of a patient's birth date and complete name. A copy of the patient's entire record is sent to the company, including a health history that indicates evidence of HIV infection. This action may be considered:

Invasion of privacy

Informed consent may be obtained from all of the following except one. Which one is the exception?

Intoxicated adult

The act of doing something that a reasonably prudent person would not do or not doing something that a reasonably prudent person would do is:


The clinical assistant records information in a patient's clinical record regarding treatment she assisted for after treatment is complete. Later, litigation is brought against the dentist for the rendered treatment. The clinical assistant is asked to tes

Fact witness

The dentist and the dental team members have the responsibility and duty to perform due care in treating all patients. Failure to do this is called:


The following dental office business activities can lead to potential litigation except one. Which one is the exception?

Having a patient sign a dental treatment plan

When a dentist sits down and the patient opens his or her mouth, what type of consent does this indicate?


Which action is not an example of a negligent act in a dental office?

Failure to join a professional organization

Which group is responsible for establishing rules and regulations that govern the practice of dentistry within each state?

State board of dentistry

Which is not an element of informed consent?

The dentist must present a single treatment plan with no alternatives

Which sets guidelines for dental licensure and identifies the criteria by which a license may be revoked or suspended?

Dental Practice Act

You are summoned to provide firsthand knowledge as testimony in a lawsuit against the dental practice. Who would you be in this case?

Fact witness

T/F: Law can be divided into two classifications, civil and criminal.


T/F: Nonmaleficence is the ethical principle related to "do no harm.


T/F: When making an ethical decision, it is wise to remember that there is no right way to do a wrong thing.