EEC 301 quiz 1

One refreshing finding from research is that, despite the fact that teaching is difficult, there is a prescribed set of steps that can be followed to ensure student success.
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The closest synonym for the term teaching is telling.
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Research documents that teachers' preparation and expertise affect student achievement.


The chapter argues that teaching is complex for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ______.

we are often unsure of our effects on students
***families sometimes unwittingly do not tell us what we need to know about students' background experiences

A documented positive effect of the No Child Left Behind Act is

better use of student assessment data to plan instruction and meet needs.

Chapter 1 argues that circles of influence affect what happens in classrooms. Which of the following is true about those circles of influence?

Because they are employed by the state, public school teachers are expected to implement influences from the outer circles without exerting influence themselves.

Chapter 1 describes an opportunity gap as being experienced by students from ______.
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non-English speaking backgrounds
** changed to poorly funded schools

According to a variety of sources, standards for teaching effectiveness require teachers do all of the following EXCEPT ______.

understand human diversity

Teachers have the same rights as other citizens, but their private conduct is ______.

held to a higher standard

A teacher strives to ensure that students focus their attention, act on data, store it in memory, and recall it as needed. This teacher is working within which approach to human learning?

nformation processing

The implicit curriculum contains both negative and positive messages about life and about how students should behave.


The null curriculum includes messages that students learn because certain topics are unaddressed in schools.


The history of education in the United States has been marked by perpetual struggle with the question of the purpose of education.
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The relationship between the school and society is one that was settled in U.S. society in the 1960's through the War on Poverty.


Which of the following skill areas seems most likely to become part of the U.S. null curriculum?


The ______ stance toward education leads students to think like specialists in the field, enjoying habits of mind and the structure of the discipline.
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The ______ stance toward education is most likely to suggest that formal schooling may be inappropriate for large numbers of citizens.


The explicit curriculum is ______.
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All of the above

In today's accountability climate, which of the following is true about a well articulated stance toward education?

All of the above

In considering what everyone should learn, the chapter argues that it is important to remember that ______.

reading and arithmetic are universal basics
***what is considered basic is time and place bound