Rad 102 Patient Care Ch 1-4

What do medical radiation sciences use energy for?

to create images of the human body

What are the energy forms for imaging?

X-Rays, sound waves, magnetic waves, and nuclear energy

What are sound waves used for?


What are magnetic waves used for?


What type of nuclear radiation is used in imaging?

Gamma radiation

What type of energy does X-ray use to create images?


What is a radiologist?

Physician who specializes in reading medical images

What is in charge of the management of patient records and coding?

Health information services

What is the difference between a technologist and a technician?

Technologists have a higher education and deals with higher level problems.

What is a Dexa scan?

standard measure of bone health

How do you become a registered radiologist assistant?

complete RRA course of study, be certified by ARRT, and complete an exam for RA given by the ARRT

Describe the energy used by Diagnostic medical sonography

uses high frequency sound energy to create medical images and it is also non-ionizing

Describe the energy used in MRI

uses the energy of high strength magnetic fields and radio waves. It is also non-ionizing

What is used to administer contrast for an MRI


What type of energy does a CT use?


What is the purpose of a CT

it creates cross-sectional and 3D images of the human body

The nuclear energy of the atom (gamma radiation) is used in this form of medical imaging

Nuclear medicine

Radioactive isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals are used in...?

Nuclear medicine

CVIT stands for what?

Cardiovascular interventional technology

What type of energy does CVIT use?


What kind of degree is needed for radiation therapy?

2-4 year degree

Who was Hippocrates?

Father of modern medicine

What did Hippocrates believe?

the use of high ethical standards, closely monitor patient, and diet and exercise, nature will run its course

What was Louis Pasteur?

Discovered to role of germs in the disease process

When was DNA discovered

mid 20th century

What is accreditation?

A voluntary, peer review process that is very highly valued by members of the profession

What organization are we accredited by?


When was JRCERT established?


Where is the international meeting every year for JRCERT?


What programs does JRCERT currently accredit?

Radiography, radiation therapy, medical dosimetry, MRI

When was JRCDMS establish and what does it accredit?

1979 and medical sonography

When was JRCNMT established and what does it accredit?

1970 and nuclear medicine

How do you obtain certification?

a test

What does ARRT stand for and when was it founded?

American registry of radiologic technologists and 1922

What does AHRA stand for?

American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

What is the oldest society related to radiology?

ARRS (1900s)