Latin Prefixes


it means "that is" used to clarify the meaning of something


Latin abbreviation "for example


it's short for et cetera and means "and so forth" or "and so on


Nota bene, it means "take notice" or "note well


it essentially means "as it is written" and is used when a primary source quote may have a grammatical error


one against another

c. or ca.

circa, it means "about" and is often used on time lines

et al.

it means "and others". often used if a written work has more than one author

ad hoc

something created for a specific purpose: for example a committee

ad nauseam

to a sickening degree such as a speaker talking for a long time about one topic


a piece of evidence to show one was not present when a crime took place

alma mater

the college or school that one attended

bona fide

legitimate; genuine or real

de facto

to exercise power as if legally constituted to do so