Exam 1 - ADV.352

Consumer Behavior

Actions that make up consideration & purchase of a product. Includes use, purchase, and consumer consumption.

Most IMPACT on Consumer Behavior


Purchase Decision Process (5 steps)

1) Problem Recognition
2) Search for Options (alternatives)
3) Evaluation of Options (alternatives)
4) Purchase Decision
5) Post Purchase Evaluation

Decision Process - Step 1 - Problem Recognition

Uncover a NEED

Decision Process - Step 2 - Search for Options (alternatives)

-risk involved in the purchase

Decision Process - Step 3 - Evaluation of Options

-perceived value
-creative, ETC.

Decision Process - Step 4 - Purchase Decision

- made easier by professional salesperson
- involves set of related criteria
- financial considerations: price, discount, credit polices.
- intangible factors: reputation, past performance, delivery dates.

Decision Process - Step 5 - Post Purchase Evaluation

Cognitive Dissonance: post-purchase anxiety.
-Seller can REDUCE this by; reinforcing that buyers made the RIGHT decision. demonstrating the capabilities & quality of the product.

Influences on Decision Making

-Psychological Influences
-Role of Perception
-Attitude (you, company, product)
-verbal & non-verbal

Using your VOICE is SALES --> Key Factors