Essentials of DA 6th Ed Final Exam Review

Functions of Dental Assistant

Perform a variety of patient care, Office and Lab duties


Removal of bioburden before disinfection (blood, saliva microbes etc...)

Hand washing

before, when contaminated (hole), after each patient

Instrument processing flow

dirty, clean, sterile, storage


surface disinfectant to reduce # of microbes and removal of blood and saliva

Ultrasonic scaler

removes plaque and calculus; doesn't go below gumline

Model Trimmer

A machine used to grind and contour gypsum cast models

Parts of a dental x-ray machine

Control panel, Tube head, Extension Arm


substance does not allow x-rays to pass through and appears white or light gray on the resulting film


Dark and black do not pass through X ray

Digital X ray vs Regular X-ray in regards to radiation

Digital uses less radiation (50-80%) than traditional X-ray

Acute radiation

large dose of radiation in short time (nuclear explosion, high does of radiation)

Chronic radiation

Small doses over a long period of time


Blackness and darkness of a film. Controlled by mAs (milliam per second).

Elongated Image

insufficient v angulation (too flat)


due to excessive vertical angulation (too step)

Most common X-ray in orthodontic patient


Overall exposure to fluoride


Best toothbrush


What is demineralization?

where minerals, calcium & phosphates are lost from the enamel (tooth decay happens)

Steps for dental sealants

1. Select the tooth 2.Check with air/water 3. Clean the enamel 4. Isolate and dry the tooth( teeth) 5. Etch the enamel 6. Rinse the Etched enamel 7. Dry the etched enamel 8. Apply the sealant 9. Light cure the sealant 10. Evaluate the sealant 11. Wipe the

State Dental Practice Act

Specifies the legal requirements for an individual to practice dentistry in the state (NC Board of Dental Examiners).

What is on patient registration form

Demographic and financial information about the patient / person who is responsible for payment of dental fees.

Patient charts

The record serves as the communication link among all members of the health care team regarding the patient's status, care provided, and progress. The chart is a legal document that describes the patient's health, lists diagnostic and therapeutic procedur

medical emergencies

Life threats that require EMS attention because of illnesses or conditions not caused by an outside force.

Block anesthesia

used mostly to anesthetize mandibular teeth-solution is injected by a major nerve

infiltration anesthesia

injection of a local anesthetic directly into the tissue

Induction of anesthesia

IV lines initiated, preoperative medications given, airway secured

Nitrous Oxide

most commonly used to relieve pain. Inhalation anesthetic.Makes patient feel warm and tingly. Used to relax patient and reduce fear and control pain.

Most resistant form of life


Which nerve is primary source of innervation?

Trigeminal nerve


soft tissue within a tooth, containing nerves and blood vessels


tip of the tooth root.


crown portion of tooth (what you see)


sensitive part of teeth

Irreversible pulpitis

Infectious condition in which the pulp is incapable of healing, which would then require root canal therapy or extraction.

What is necrosis?

tissue death

Dry sockets

alveolar osteitis when blood clot disloges.

Complete mouth rinse

A rinse that is generally performed once all oral procedures have been completed

Limited area rinsing

Performed frequently throughout a procedure- accomplished quickly and efficiently

Extrinsic stains

Stains that occur on the external (outside) surfaces of the teeth that may be removed by polishing. Ex: Tea, coffee and tobacco.

Intrinsic stains

stains that are incorporated into the tooth structure, usually during the tooth's development


clear or shaded plastic material applied to the occlusal surfaces (pits and fissures) of permanent teeth.

Dark room "safe light" should be at least

4 ft

Overlapping on teeth is most likely caused by

incorrect horizontal angulation

when exposing the mandibular molar area, what is the position of the film?

centered on the 2nd premolar

the harmful effect of x-rays are caused by


When loading anesthetic syringe what goes 1st

1.cartridge, 2.needle

Class 1

decay in the pits and fissures of the occlusal surface.

Class 2

Decay in the proximal (mesial and distal) surfaces of premolars and molars

Class 3

Decay in the proximal surface of incisors and canines involves anterior teeth

Class 4

Decay in the proximal (mesial and distal) surfaces involves EDGES OR ANGELS of canines and incisors

Class 5

Decay is diagnosed in the gingival third of the facial or lingual surface of any tooth (gum line)

Class 6

Decay on the incisal edge of anterior teeth and the cusps of tips of posterior teeth

The benefits of dental radiographs include:

Detection of dental caries in the early stages
identification of early stages of bone loss
evaluation of growth and development

Any exposure to radiation no matter how small has the potential to cause harm to the operator and the patient


The DA must use proper protective measures to prevent occupational exposure to radiation these measures include

Radiation monitoring and equipment monitoring
Not holding film in patients mouth
Never standing closer than six feet from X-ray unit during exposure

The term----is used to describe areas on the radiography that appear dark on the radiograph----is the term used to describe areas that appear white or light gray

radiolucent, radiopaque

The standard classification system used to describe the location of
decay and the best method for restoring the tooth was developed by


Gingival retraction cord can be filled with a solution that acts as a vasoconstrictor to control bleeding during the taking of the final


A removable partial denture replaces only one tooth in an arch


Completion and healing of any dental treatment must occur before the
prep of the prosthesis begins


A partial denture is supported and stabilized by pontics


Before the dentist takes the final impressions for a partial denture a
retraction cord is placed around the abutment teeth to ensure an
accurate impression


The appointment should be scheduled for a denture patient after the
case has been sent to the lab is called the try in appointment


Three measurements frequently used by dental lab techs when
constructing a complete denture are

protrusion,retrusion and centric

An immediate denture is one that is placed immediately after the wax
try in appointment


A periodontal pocket occurs when the disease causes the normal
gingival sulcus to become deeper than normal


The ______is an instrument calibrated in millimeters that is used to
locate and measure the depth of periodontal pockets

Periodontal probe

Diagnostics and treatment of oral tissues supporting and surrounding


Dental assistants should be immunized for

-Hep a

Regulatory agency whose role is to cut down on exposures in the


Chemicals that destroy or inactive most species of pathogenic


Bloodborne disease causing organisms

-Hbv, Hiv, Hcv

Not doing something that should have been done is the act of


The purpose of a state dental practice act is to offer

Laws to protect the public the public from imcompetent dental health
care providers

Who interprets the implements the state dental practice act of

The state board of dentistry

Which of the following is a requirement of direct supervision

The dentist must examine the patient before delegating the procedure
The dentist must examine the procedure after it is completed
The dental assistant must be legally qualified

A dental assistant who performs a function that is not delegated under
the dental practice act of the state in which he or she practices is

Performing an illegal act
Practicing dentistry without a license
Performing a criminal act

Patients have a right to access and retrieve their records and


The patients technically owns their patient records and radiographs


Critical information that the dental team must have before providing
dental treatment or care includes

Patient registration (personal patient information)
Medical dental health history (overall health status)
Medical alert information(medical concerns for patient)

All dental practices now have a written privacy policy required
by__________that must inform the patient that the office will not use or
disclose protected health info.


Vitals signs include taking and recording of

Temp and pluse
Blood pressure

The most common site for taking a patient's pulse in the dental office
is the

Radial artery

The normal pulse rate of a resting adult is


The amount of labor the heart must exert to pump blood throughout
the body is known as

blood pressure

Who is responsible for providing medical emergency care for a patient
in the dental office

Dental assistant
Office staff

The procedure that most frequently used to relieve pain in dentistry is

Local anesthesia

The ________the ratio the higher the percentage of vasoconstrictor on
the anesthetic agent


The parts of the anesthetic syringe include

The thumb ring, finger grip and finger bar
The harpoon and piston rod
The barrel and threaded tip

Nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia use in dentistry dates back to 1844
and is also referred to as

Inhalation sedation

In block anesthesia the anesthesia solution is injected into the nerve


During Nitrous Oxide administration a patient may experience
sensations of warmth and tingling