Into the Woods Act 2

(Singing) That fortune smiled.. I'm so happy!

If only this cottage were a little larger.

I will expand our quarters in due time.

What expand when we could simply move to another cottage?

We will not move. This was my father's house, and now it will be my son's.

You would raise your child alongside a witch?

Why does he always cry when I hold him?

Babies cry. He's fine. You needn't hold him as if he were so fragile.

He wants his mother. Here.

I can't take care of him all of the time!

(Loud crash.)

Oh, my goodness.

Are you alright?

I think so.

And the baby?

Yes, he's fine. Are you alright?

Always thinking of yourself! Look at my garden.

What of your garden?


What has happened?

I was thrown to the ground. I sw nothing.

What could do such a thing?

No earthquake! My garden has been tramples. Those are footprints!

Who could do such a thing?

A giant...

Maybe we should tell someone.


We are moving!

What happened to your house?

We've had a baking accident.

Baking accident?

No use frightening the young thing.

Well, I guess Granny will have to do without the bread and sweets. Besides, I have all I can carry.

Why such a load?

As if a big wind blew it in. I couldn't find my mother anywhere.

Oh, no.

(Birds ascend, Cinderella exits.)

We'll take you to Granny's.


We're not going to let her go alone?

But not when there have been such winds blowing.

That's right. We'll all take you.


I'm not about to stay here with the baby when a "wind" might return to this house, too.

We went down the dell.

Perhaps you forgot the way.

Where's the stream? Where's the lily pond? Where's Granny?

Calm down. Maybe we should turn back.

Yes. I recognize-

Who might that me?

The castle has been set upon by a Giant.

Oh, no...

And I warned you that you can't count on a royal family to solve your problems.

I think it best we go back to the village.

I wouldn't be in such a rush if I were you. Guess which path the Giant took to the castle?

Oh, no...

You heard wrong.


Then he killed my husband. I must avenge the wrongdoings.

We are not responsible for him.

There was no consensus among them as to which course of action to take.

Put a spell on her.

What are you talking about?

She doesn't want a woman!

Think of your baby.

Stop! He's right! Let him go!

You wanted to get rid of him, too.

We might have though of something else.

Now that he's gone, we'll never know what will happen next.

We'll manage.



She's in poor condition.

Wake up.

Don't let them get Jack.

We won't.

All right. I promise.

No, no. Come away from there. You killed her!

I hope the Giant steps on them all.

You shouldn't say that!

And if we don't, she'll kill half the kingdom!

One step at a time. Maybe if he apologizes. Makes amends.


He's a really sweet boy at heart. She'll see that.

Are we going to let her feed the boy to the Giant?


I'll have to find him first.

I'll go, too.

No! Stay here with the baby.

We'll fan out. It will increase our chances of finding him. No.You stay here with the baby. I do not want you roaming about the woods.

You would leave our child with her?

Yes. The baby is asleep. He'll be safe with the girl.

But what if the Giant were to return here- ?

The GIant will not harm them. I know.

How do you know?

I know!

But what if-

But what if! BUT WHAT IF! Will only a Giant's foot stop your arguing!

Seems like you do.

And there's nothing wrong with having an argument.

Milky. Milky.

That's him. Jack!


Stay with the baby.

But I want to come-

No, you'll be safer here.

Don't go to far, please.

I will only walk one hundred paces. If I don't find the boy, I'll come right back 1, 2, 3- Jack! Jack!

(Cinderella's Prince enters)

81, 82, 83, 84.. Hello, sir.


You must be here to slay the giant.


Have you come upon the Giant yet?


Have you come upon the Giant yet?


I have.

You have?


And why are you alone in the woods?

I came with my husband. We were... well, it's a long story.

He would let you roam alone in the woods?

No, actually, it was my choice. I'm looking for the lad.

Your choice? How brave.


(singing) I'm in the wrong story.

Wait one moment, please! We can't do this! You have a princess.

Well, yes, I do.

And I have a... baker.

I must leave you.


The Giant.

The Giant. I had almost forgotten. Will we find each other in the Woods again?