Latin American Revolutions Assignment and Quiz

ead the passage.
I declare to you to re-establish slavery would be to attempt the impossible: we have known how to face dangers to obtain our liberty, we shall know how to brave death to maintain it.
Toussaint L'Ouverture, 1797
The passage shows that L'Ou

rather die than go back to being enslaved.

When Napoleon seized the Spanish throne and replaced it with a French king, criollos in Latin America

believed the people should take control.

What was the economy of Saint Domingue dependent upon? Check all that apply.

sugar plantations
enslaved Africans
strenuous manual labor
ruthless plantation owners

Brazil's road to independence was different from that of its Latin American neighbors in that

criollos signed a petition and asked the king's son, Don Pedro, to rule.

Augustin de Iturbide was able to declare independence from Spain while also proclaiming himself emperor in part because

that was the type of government the Spanish colonists were used to.

Look at the chart.
The pie chart shows that the population of enslaved people in Saint Dominique was

larger than the number of free whites and non-whites combined.

Which best explains why some plantation owners punished enslaved persons?

to keep them as helpless as possible

African enslaved persons outnumbered free people 10 to 1 in Saint-Domingue, which led to

a massive and successful uprising.

Saint Dominique, a French colony in the Caribbean Sea where 100,000 slaves rebelled, became a country called


The Napoleonic Wars in Europe prompted which groups to declare independence in Spanish Latin America?