Excel 6 Key Terms


means to arrange in a line or bring into alignment.


is a formatting characteristic, such as bold, italic, or underlined text.

Conditional Formatting

is a powerful Excel feature that enables you to specify how cells that meet a given condition should be displayed.


is a set of text properties that affect the typeface, size and similar aspects of text.

Format Painter

is a feature found in most Office applications that allows you to quickly copy formatting attributes that you have already applied and "paint" those attributes onto other text, shapes, pictures, and worksheet cells.


is a shortcut of sorts that enables you to navigate to a web page or a location in another file in just one click of the mouse.

Merged Cells

combines two or more cells into a single cell

Mini Toolbar

is a formatting tool that appears above or below the shortcut menu when you right click a cell.

Paste Special

that enables you to control specifically what you want to paste after using the Copy or Cut command, such as a cell content, formulas, values, formatting, and much more.

Rules Manager

gives you even greater control over rules by enabling you to set the order of multiple rules, fine-tune rule settings, and more.


is a set of formatting attributes that you can apply to a cell or range of cells more easily than by setting each attribute individually.


text, data that's too long to display within the cell's width automatically displays on the line within the cell.