4th Sci Ch2 L1 notes

What is matter?

something that has mass and takes up space.

What is mass?

The measure of the amount of matter that makes up an object

Can mass be measured?


What is the only way that the mass of an object can change?

If you add to or remove from it.

What is the Law of Conservation of Mass?

It states that the parts of an object will have the same total mass as the whole object.

What units do scientists use when they measure and compare matter?

metric units

What is the base unit of mass in the metric system?

the gram

What is volume?

The amount of space an object takes up.

What is the formula to measure the volume of a solid?

length x width x height

Do liquids have a definite shape?


What type of measuring container can you use to measure a liquid?

graduated cylinder

What unit is used to measure the volume of a liquid?

milliliter(mL) and liter (L)

What units are used in the US system for measuring the volume of a liquid?

Fluid ounces and cups