Quiz #2 CM 441

The role of media monitoring in a crisis

oFind out what is being said as it is being said
oMonitor all channels
oAnalytics count

How do you handle getting a surprise call from the media?

�You do not have to pick it up
�Take your time when responding
�Do your homework
�Respond only if you have the ability to provide the information requested

What is the role of PR in an interview?

�Make introductions
�Let the reporter take the lead
�Take notes/record if possible
�Interject only if a statement needs clarifying, a number needs verifying, or follow up is needed
�After the interview, follow up with the reporter
�If you foresee a proble

Satisfy & steer what is it?

When you are asked a question that can not be answered by your key points, satisfy that question as quickly as you can, then steer to relevant key point

What do you consider when you're communicating about CSR?

�When CSR is seen as a marketing problem, the latest market fad, or a PR fix- "greenwashing" the "sins" of a company
�True CSR guides the company away from making the "sins" or mitigating them in the first place
�CSR is about being good corporate citizens

Testing out what you learned from the crisis drill

All strategies are different and can also work.

What are the key ingredients to a response from a crisis?

�It's a 24-7 job
�Keep up to date on the situation
�Share as much information as you have
�Keep in touch even if you don't have all the answers, be transparent

How does social media play into a crisis?

Can be used to update stakeholders in real time.

What did you learn from your
"hot seat" experience?

To satisfy & steer. Think on your feet. be clear & concise. Know when to stop speaking.

Why do we do team projects in media relations?

To have an intelligent collaboration of ideas to form a larger, more complex one.