TC 7-22.7

What TC covers the NCO Guide?

TC 7-22.7

General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben wrote the regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States which is commonly referred to as what?

The Blue Book

Which publication established the first training program for NCOs?

The Abstract of Infantry Tactics

When and where was the first Noncommissioned Officer Academy opened?

Flint Kaserne, Germany in 1949.

Where is the United States Sergeants Major Academy located?

Fort Bliss, Texas

What are the three (3) domains of NCO development?

1. Institutional domain
2. Operational domain
3. Self-development domain

What are the five (5) essential characteristics of the Army profession?

1. Military expertise
2. Honorable service
3. Trust
4. Esprit de Corps
5. Stewardship of the profession

Which leadership attribute encompasses military and professional bearing, fitness, confidence, and resilience?


Which leadership competency encompasses creates a positive environment, prepares self, develop others, and stewards the profession?


What should an NCO be?

1. Professional Soldier
2. Mentor
3. Comprehensively Fit
4. Ethical Decision Maker
5. Competent
6. Proficient in Duties
7. Self-Aware
8. Responsible
9. Servant Leader
10. Effective Communicator
11. Strength of Character
12. Loyal
13. Critical Thinker/Prob

What is the assessment tool that promotes self-awareness for individual leader development?

Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) and 360 assessment