Psych exam 2 short answer questions Herb Agan

list and describe Kunkle's 4 egocentric roles

Star-perfect, exceeds at everything fears being normal
clinging vine-overwhelmed with love, always protected fears abandonment, no resources
tyrant-seeks power to survive fears loss of power
turtle- overwhelmed with life fears being found inadequate

egocentric role fears

star-being ordinary, failure, needs to be humbled to truly shine
Clinging vine - abandonment, rejection, lack of resources
Nero/tyrant - loss of power, being powerless, rebellion of others
Turtle - afraid to take risks, being inadequate, denial of ambitio

What are 3 experiences in life that will remove these egocentric masks?

1. suffering, numinous experience
2. rock bottom encounter with divine
3. loving another person

What are Sternberg's 3 types of intelligence?
a. Briefly describe each with an example

componential- mental abilities most closely related to success on traditional IQ tests
experiential- creative thinking problem solving
contextual- street smarts

What is the purpose of personal boundaries?

has to do with keeping us from being a perpetrator/victim

Describe two types of personal boundaries

external-skin body
internal -thoughts, inner world views

personal boundaries effect on freedom and relationships

Personal boundaries prevent expressing ones true self (freedom) and keep us from learning, loving and discovering (relationships), Increases freedom

What is a wall? (defense mechanism of people with no boundaries)

Defense mechanism of people due to offended boundaries for self-protection

Give 3 examples of a wall

Silence, anger, sex, rebellion, food, work, worry, fear

Define classical conditioning with an example

A Technique used in behavioral training in which a naturally occurring stimulus is paired with a response
Example: Dog Experiment - Dog salivating when the bell rings before getting food

Define operant conditioning

A method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior.

4 Types of Operant Conditioning

Positive Reinforcement-Big Bang Theory - Sheldon gives penny chocolate for good behavior
Negative Reinforcement-Cough medicine to stop coughing
Positive Punishment-Criticism from your parents for being late to dinner
Negative Punishment-You are grounded f