Psych 310 Test 2

1. _______ is the extent to which a score from a test is stable and free from error.


2. There are three major ways to determine whether a test is reliable. With the _______ method, several people each take the same test twice.


3. Which of the following is NOT true regarding the use of grade point average for employee selection?

GPA will result in low levels of adverse impact

4. Tests that are designed to measure how much someone already knows rather than how much someone is capable of knowing are referred to as:

Job Knowledge Tests

5. _____ is the process of attracting/ motivating people with the right qualifications to apply for the job.


6. A student takes the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as a requirement to get into college. Her score on the test is 600. Three weeks later, she is asked to take the identical test again. This time she scores 500. This inconsistency in scores is an issue

Test-Retest Reliability

7. Test-retest reliability taps ____ stability.


8. Point of purchase, job fairs, and direct mailings are all examples of:

Formal or Direct Recruitment Methods

9. Tests that are designed to tap the extent to which an applicant can learn or perform a job-related skill and are used primarily for occupations in which applicants are not expected to know how to perform the job at the time of hire; instead, will be ta

Job Ability Tests

10. When the two scores from alternate forms of a test are correlated and found to be similar, the test is said to have ________.

Form stability

11. To ask if all of the items measure the same thing, or do they measure different constructs, is related to ________.

Item Homogeneity

12. Tests designed to measure the level of intelligence or the amount of knowledge possessed by an applicant are referred to as _______ tests.

Cognitive Ability Tests

13. Which recruitment method is based on the same principles used to market products to consumers where help wanted ads are posted at the organization's entrances and exits where customers can easily see the ads?

Point of Purchase

14. Measures of facility with such processes as spatial relations and form perception are referred to as _______ tests.

Perceptual Ability Tests

15. _______ is an issue especially in projective or subjective tests in which human judgment of performance is involved in the selection process.

(Interrater Reliability) Scorer Reliability

16. The extent to which tests or test items sample the content that they are supposed to measure refers MOST specifically to:

Content Validity

17. One of the concessionaires in Yellowstone National Park offers its employees a financial incentive for recommending applicants who are subsequently hired and remain on the job for a specific period of time. This BEST exemplifies:

Employee Referral Program

18. In industry, _____ is used to establish the content validity of selection tests or test batteries.

a Job Analysis

19. Tests of ______ ability might contain measures of finger dexterity and motor coordination.


20. _______ validity is a measure which refers to the extent to which a test score is related to some measure of job performance.


21. With a __________ validity design, the test is administered to a group of employees who are already on the job as a way of assessing current functioning and current performance.


22. Jobs such as police officer, fire fighter, and lifeguard, which require a certain level of physical ability, often use _______tests.

Physical Ability

23. With a _______ validity design, the test is administered to a group of job applicants who are going to be hired. The test scores, which are not used in the actual hiring decision, are then compared to a future measure of job performance/behavior.


24. Which of the following selection methods uses multiple techniques and multiple observers to evaluate applicants as they perform different job-related tasks?

Assessment Centers

25. Which of the following selection methods has applicants perform tasks that replicate actual job tasks?

Work Samples

26. The extent to which a test found valid for a job in one location is valid for the same job in another location refers to the concept of _______.

Validity Generalization

27. ______ is the key to establishing validity generalization is basis for validity generalization.

Meta-Analysis and Job Analysis

28. Realistic job previews involve telling potential applicants the ____ a job with an objective of increasing _____.

Honest Assessment ; time the applicants stay

29. A job applicant is given a set of questions designed to measure a collection of traits that persist across time and situations and differentiate one person from another. She is probably taking:

Personality Inventories

30. Of the four choices below, which is not a method used for evaluating prior experience?

Prior experience is evaluated through:
Reference checks
Biodata instruments - questionaires

31. Construct validity is usually determined by correlating scores on one test with _______.

scores from another test

32. _______ validity refers to the extent to which a test appears to be valid.


33. Most evidence suggests that the typical unstructured interview is a _______ predictor of future performance.

poor/inconsistent/not reliable/not valid

34. _______ are designed to tap an applicant's interest in particular types of work or careers.

Interest Inventories

35. _______ are designed to tell an employer the probability that an applicant would steal money or merchandise.

Integrity Tests

36. ______ interviews involve several interviewers interviewing one applicant at the same time.


37. _______ directly ask for attitudes about theft and occurrences of theft behavior.

Overt Integrity Tests

38. If test takers do not believe that items on a test measure what they are supposed to measure then the test probably lacks:


39. A test is considered to have _____ if there are race differences in test scores that are unrelated to the construct being measured.

Measurement Bias

40. Your text identifies eight factors that contribute to the poor reliability and validity of the interview process. Which of the following is NOT one of the eight factors?

-poor intuitive ability
-lack of job relatedness
-primacy effects
-contrast effects
-negative-information bias
-interviewer-interviewee similarity
-interviewee appearance
-nonverbal cues

41. What is the first step in constructing a structured interview?

conduct a thorough job analysis

42. _______ measure traits linked to several theft related employee behaviors that are detrimental to the organization.

personality based measures

43. If the selection rate for any of the protected groups is less than 80% of the selection rate for the highest scoring group, the test is considered to have _______.

Adverse Impact

44. Single-group validity and differential validity are types of:

Fairness Issues

45. A good example of a _______ interview question is "Your resume says that you worked for the AMFAM Club, what is that?


46. _______ measures the physiological responses that accompany the verbal responses an individual makes to direct questions asked by polygraph operator.

Polygraph testing

47. If a test of reading ability predicts performance of white clerks but not African American clerks, the test has _______.

Single Group Validity

48. If a test is valid for two groups, but more valid for one than the other it is said to have _______.

Differential Validity

49. Can you work weekends" and "Can you work overtime without notice" are examples of which type of interview question?


50. "Suppose that an angry customer started yelling at you in front of other customers. What would you do?" This type of interview question is an example of a:

Future Focus Question

51. A test predicts performance for two different groups of applicants (e.g., men and women); however, the test predicts the performance significantly better for men than it does for women. This exemplifies:

Differential Validity

52. If an HR director believes the higher that applicants score on a test, the better they will do on the job, she could take a ________ approach to hiring decisions, which emphasizes a "performance first" hiring formula.


53. A good example of a ______ interview question is "If a customer started yelling at you, how would you handle the situation?

Future Focus: Situational

54. Interviews that contain only past-focused interview questions are also known as:

Patterned Behavioral description

55. _________ is a method of scoring interview answers that compares an applicant's answer with benchmark answers.

Typical Answer approach

56. In a structured interview, if an applicant gets a point for each part of an answer that taps a main point and that matches the scoring key, she is being scored using the ____ approach.


57. Of the available approaches to making a hiring decision, the _______ method results in high levels of adverse impact and less flexibility in decision making and ignores measurement error.

Top Down

58. San Antonio, Texas, has a system in which the names of the top three applicants for promotion are submitted to the Chief of Police who then selects one of the three to be the new Captain. This system uses:


59. T or F: An unstructured interview is more advantageous than a structured interview.


60. T or F: One key feature of a structured interview is having questions which tap the extent to which an applicant will fit into the culture of an organization or with the leadership styles of management.


61. An HR director determines that all applicants who receive at least an 81 on their test will be able to perform the functions of the job. The hiring decision strategy to be used in this situation is:

Passing Scores Approach

62. Which of the following hiring decision strategies takes into consideration the standard error of measurement associated with any test score?


63. This recruitment strategy entails applicants placing the ads rather than organizations.

situation wanted ads

64. This recruitment strategy entails current employees informally or indirectly recommending applicants.

Employee Referrals

65. Which of the following is important in evaluating the effectiveness of one's recruitment strategy?

Evaluation Recruitment Effectiveness:
Time to fill
Retention Rates
Cost per hire
Number of applicants Job performance of new hires
EEO/diversity impact

66. T or F: Structured interviews must be conducted verbally and one-on-one.


67. If a personnel professional hires the top six scoring applicants, he/ she is using the ________ hiring decision strategy.


68. The process of confirming the accuracy of information provided by the applicant is called a:

Reference check

69. To assess __________ , the test is given to two groups who have been identified as being distinctively different on the trait in question.

construct validity (known-group validity)

70. Which of the following is NOT part of a highly structured interview?

Structured Interviews:
The source of the questions is a job analysis
All applicants are asked the same questions
There is a standardized scoring key to evaluate each answer

71. A selection method that requires data-entry clerk applicants to actually enter information into a computer using a particular software package is MOST accurately referred to as:

Prior experience method

72. If scores on the first administration are similar to scores on the second administration, the test is said to have:


73. _______ is the degree to which inferences from scores on tests or assessments are justified by the evidence.


74. A typing test was administered to 50 data-entry clerks at an organization. There was a strong correlation between their scores on the typing test and their performance as data-entry clerks. This type of correlational analysis refers most specifically

criterion stability

75. A test predicts performance for one group of applicants (e.g., men), but does not predict performance for another group of applicants (e.g., women). This exemplifies

Single-group validity