Algebra 2 Skills List

A linear function is a function that _____________ a line

Straight.....If the slope is negative, then the line goes down, slope positive, line goes down from left to right.

A quadratic function

A function in which the greatest power of the variable is 2. It points down if the quadratic coefficient is negative, up if it is positive.

Exponential function

y=ab^x, where the variable is in the exponent. IF b>1, then it gets bigger and if 0<b<1 then it gets smaller from left to right

An absolute value function is a function

y=|x| where it is shaped like a V.

A square root function is a function

Where y=(x)^(1/2) is the exponential form of the equation. You cannot have an X that is negative or the outputs would be undefined,

Rational function is a function that

is a fraction containing variable expressions in the numerator and denominator, where the denominator can never be zero or the function would be undefined.

Cube root functions

are function with an x under a radical with 3 being the index or root. It looks like a cube root graph rotated to the right.

Cubic Function

Is y=x^3. The highest exponent can only be three.

logarithmic function

a function of the form f(x)=logbX, where b?1 and b>0, which is the inverse of the exponential function f(x)=b^X

Sine Function

This is a trigonometric function.
D: (-?,+?)
R: [-1,1]
Where y=sin(x)

Cosine function

A Trigonometric Function
D: (-?,+?)
R: [-1,1]

The tangent Function

The ratio of the opposite and adjacent legs with respect to a specified acute angle of a right triangle.