1939 Nazi Invasion of Poland

The polish question was the most painful of all problems for Germany," who said this


When Was Poland Invaded?

Sept 1st 1939

What were the causes?

Hitlers Foreign Policy
The failure of Appeasement
Polish Pledge
Russia Choosing Sides

What were the Consequences?

There were consequences for the:
Polish Jews
Jews Worldwide,
Which created refugees.

What were Hitlers Foreign Policies?

To eliminate Jews and Other 'sub-humans'
Get rid of the treaty of Versailles
Unite all true Germans in Greater Germany
Aquire Lebensraum for the Germans

What was taken in the TOV?

10% of land and 12% of people

How many pure Germans?

85 million, eventually.

He needed Poland because...

Provided Lebenstraum
Gave access to Polish corridor, which had major port Danzig located on it
Reunite Ger with East Prussia.

How long was Hitler in power?

12 years

Who set up the Policy of Appeasement?

Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister

What did the POA mean

The allies would simply give in to the demands of aggressors.

Why did the allies need a POA?

They couldn't afford another war after the depression, and were attempted to establish a good relationship with Ger.

What did the Policy of Appeasement allow Hitler to do?

Remilitarise the Rhineland
Achieve Aunchluss/Union with Austria
All which helped reverse the TOV

How many German Speaking people were in the Sudetenland?

3 Million

What else was in the Sudetenland?

Much of Czechs industry and a large Skoda armaments work.

When was the Munich conference?


Who let Hitler have what he wanted?

Br + Fr

What did Neville Chamberlain famously Say?

'Peace in our time'

When did Hitler take the rest of Czechoslovakia?


When did Chamberlain announce the Polish Pledge?

March 31st 1939

Why wasn't the decision well thought through?

Br and Fr were on the other side of Europe to Poland, so they wanted Russia.

What did they want Russia to do?

Station troops in Poland?

What did Hitler Promise Joseph Stalin?

If he remained neutral when Hitler invaded Poland, Russia could have half of it

When did Russia get there half?

17th Sept, 1939

What is Blitzkrieg?

Lighten war, softens the enemy by bombing major utilities like railways and communication center, causing panic in civilians, who will flee, clogging the roads, making it hard to retaliate.

During Blitzkrieg, how else was Germany destroying Poland?

1.5 million troops storming border,
Subs and U-Boats attacked naval forces
Luftwaffe bombed airfields.

When did Br demand Germany withdraw by?

3rd Sept

when did Poland Surrender?

27th Sept

how many Polish deaths?

6 million, 17% of the population

How many polsih were removed from Western poland?

1 million

How many Polish ended up in labour camps?

2.5 million

How many ended up in Soviet camps?

1.5 million

When did Ger take eastern Poland?


When did WW2 end?


How many people died

60 million

How many Jews were in Poland?

3.5 million, 10% of the population

Where in Poland where the Ghettos

'General Government'

Where was the largest?


What were the conditions?

6-7 Jews to an apartment
no running water
300/2000 calories a day
diseases spread quickly (typhus and dysentery) killing 100's daily

When was the Wannsee conference?

jan 1942

Who was there?

Hitler and SS leader Heinrich Himmler

What is the final solution?

The extermination of all 11 million jews in europe

How many death camps?

6 Aushwits, treblinks, sobibor

What is Operation Reinhardt?

The resettlement of the jews in death camps, 10,000 names at a time.

What were the Auschwits Gas Chambers like?

Disguised as showers.
5 Zyklon % chambers
murder 2000 at a time
Crystal Cyanide was dropped into the room and would dissolve in the body heat.

Hitlers Birthday?

20th April

When was the Warsaw uprising?


How many lined / died

over 1 month 13,000 Jews died but 100 escaped through the sewers

what was their motto?

'ready to die like humans'

How many Jews died in the war?

6 million

When & Why was Israel created?

In 1948 for the homeless and lonely Jews who were seen as victims

Who used to live in Israel and what was it called?

Palestine, and Arab Muslims, who cause conflict to this day.

Where did the war spread to?

6 continents

hen did we join the war?

3rd Sept 1939 with Britain, declared by Micheal Joseph Savage.

Why did we join the war?

While we are criticized for supposedly just joining to aid Britain the mother country, we also joined out of self-interest. If the war were to spread to the pacific we would need help too.

How many NZders (Inc. Women) Served over seas?


How many died?


When did we accept Polish Refugees

Oct. 1944

How many?

734 Kids and 66 Caregivers

Where were they educated?

in Pahiatua

When was Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of New Zealand?


When did Nazi's stage an attack on their own radio ourpost

31st Aug 1939

Between 1937-1940 how many Polish Jews died in the ghettos,

600,000/ 2 million polish Jews

How many Jews were in the Warsaw Ghetto?