Chapter 15 (American Indians)


Honor and respect are gained by...

sharing and giving.

The accumulation of wealth is...

not a high priority but is a means to enjoy the present.

Once enough money is earned, youth and adults may...

stop working and spend time and energy in ceremonial activities.

Cooperation: the tribe and the family....

take precedence over the individual.

Children are often sensitive to the opinions of their peers, and may actively...

avoid disagreements or contradictions. Most do not like to be singled out and made to perform in school unless the whole group benefits.

_________________: To observe rather than react impulsively. Parenting styles are more indulgent and less punitive than parents from other ethnic groups.

Value of noninterference.

___________________: Greater focus on the present than on the future. Planning for the future may be less important.

Value of time orientation

What is the implication for counselors when considering the value of time orientation?

Tasks may be approached from a logical perspective rather than according to deadlines.

What does the value of spirituality mean?

The spirit, mind, and body are all interconnected. Illness involves disharmony between these elements.

What does the value of nonverbal communication mean?

Learning occurs by listening rather than talking.

AI/AN endured _______________________ and were able to do so because of cultural values and strengths such as spirituality, respect for traditional values and ceremonies, extended family networks, allegiance to the family, community, and tribe, wisdom of

genocide and assimilation effors

What can enhance communication and decrease conflict?

The values of listening and observing rather than reacting

What are protective factors for AI/AN?

Spiritual and traditional practices