True or false, you should do your homework in class the day its due?


Alvin�s homework assignment is due tomorrow, but he really wants to watch his favorite T.V. show. what should he do?

Do his homework.

Your brother and sister are fighting while your trying to do you homework... what should you do?

Go somewhere else.

True or false, you should do your homework when you get home.


Jaden wants to watch tv even though his homework isn�t finished. Should he watch tv?


Craig is always late to class. What is one idea that he could try so he won�t be late.

Bring his supplies with him to his other classes so he doesn�t have to go to his locker every period.

You should take a study break at least every...

45 minutes.

You have a big project coming up and have one week. You shoudln�t do which of the following... A. wait until the last day to do it, or B. Do some of it every day of the week.

A.wait until the last day to do it.

A bad time to do homework is...

The morning before its due.

You are absent one day and you don't know what to do... what should you do? A. look on itslearning. or B. nothing.

A. look on itslearning.

You have a big project due the next day and your half way done. your best friend comes over though and wants to play. Do you play with your friend or not. Yes or no.


You always forget your lock combination. Do you A. try to memorize it, or B. write it down.

B. write it down