Biology Test 2

Small, nonpolar, hydrophobic molecules such as fatty acids

easily pass through a membrane's lipid bilayer.

A cell that neither gains nor loses water when it is immersed in a solution must be

isotonic to its environment.

The process of a white blood cell engulfing a bacterium is


Phagocytosis is to eating as pinocytosis is to


Plasma membranes are selectively permeable. This means that

the plasma membrane allows some substances to enter or leave a cell more easily than others.

hich of the following statements regarding membrane function is false?

The plasma membrane is the control center of the cell.

Osmosis can be defined as

the diffusion of water.

In a hypotonic solution, an animal cell will


Diffusion does not require the cell to expend ATP. Therefore, diffusion is considered a type of

passive transport.

If placed in tap water, an animal cell will undergo lysis, whereas a plant cell will not. What accounts for this difference?

the relative inelasticity and strength of the plant cell wall

Which of the following are products of cellular respiration?

energy to make ATP and carbon dioxide

As a result of glycolysis there is a net gain of ________ ATPs.


Bacteria that are unable to survive in the presence of oxygen are called

obligate anaerobes.

Humans use the calories they obtain from ________ as their source of energy.


Which of the following options lists the stages in cellular respiration in the correct order?

glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation

Which of the following is a result of glycolysis?

conversion of glucose to two three-carbon compounds

If you consume 1 g of each of the following, which will yield the most ATP?


The mitochondrial cristae are an adaptation that

increases the space for more copies of the electron transport chain and ATP synthase complexes.

Some friends are trying to make wine in their basement. They've added yeast to a sweet grape juice mixture and have allowed the yeast to grow. After several days they find that sugar levels in the grape juice have dropped, but there's no alcohol in the mi

the mixture needs less oxygen, because yeast only produce alcohol in the absence of oxygen.


forms at the end of glycolysis.

Why are most plants green?

Chlorophyll a reflects green light.

What is the likely origin of chloroplasts?

photosynthetic prokaryotes that lived inside eukaryotic cells

CO2 enters and O2 escapes from a leaf via


Autotrophs that utilize light as their energy source are


What is the source of energy that provides the boost for electrons during photosynthesis?


In most green plants, chloroplasts are

concentrated in a zone of leaf tissue called the mesophyll.

Chloroplasts contain disklike membranous sacs arranged in stacks called


he light reactions occur in the ________, while the Calvin cycle occurs in the ________.

thylakoid membranes . . . stroma

Which of the following are produced during the light reactions of photosynthesis?


Plant cells

have mitochondria and chloroplasts.