ATI Health Promotion and Maintenance 1

Lab value that shows protein uptake and synthesis

Albumin - detects metabolic and liver dysfunction

Good sources of vitamin C

Green peppers

When should one get the rubella immunization?

Shortly after giving birth - prevents client from contracting rubella postpartum/in subsequent pregnancies; live vaccine so can't get it while pregnant without putting fetus at risk

Prescription for pt with acute pancreatitis

Pantoprazole 80mg IV bolus twice daily - PPI will decrease gastric acid production which ultimately decreases pancreatic secretions

Manifestation associated with early menopause

Dryness during intercourse

Amylase used to assess:


Creatinine used to assess:

Renal function

AST used to assess:

Liver function (elevated = liver damage)

ADH used to assess:

SIADH, CNS infections, hypovolemia, dehydration

Expected physiologic changes w/ aging:

Dehydration of intervertebral discs
Decreased cough reflex
Increased systolic BP
Decreased bladder capacity
More difficulty seeing r/t greater sensitivity to glare

Expected changes related to pregnancy

White discharge normal
Fetal movement detected at 14-16 wks

Pt severed finger and breath smells of alcohol. What is priority assessment?
a. hx previous accidents
b. date of last tetanus immunization
c. BAC
d. signs of wound infection

b. date of last tetanus - greatest risk currently is injury from infection

Indicators of nutritional risk among adolescents

Skipping more than 3 meals/wk
Eating without family supervision frequently
Frequently skipping breakfast
Fast food > 3x/wk

Care of pt who is post-laminectomy with spinal fusion

Monitor sensory perception in lower extremities - neuro assessment q4h
Maintain straight back
OOB evening after surgery
If clear drainage on dressing: place in supine position, call provider immediately

Appropriate toy for 12-month old toddler on contact precautions

Large building blocks

How to obtain ht/wt of 6 mos infant

Place disposable cover on scale
Balance scale to 0 before weighing
Measure from crown of head to heels
Use lengthboard while infant lays down - stadiometer not appropriate at 6mos (requires standing independently)
Remove diaper for weight

Which vessels should be found in umbilical cord?

Two arteries, one vein

Urinary frequency during pregnancy

Occurs during first trimester and at the end of pregnancy

Factors to include in abuse assessment of client

Suicide risk
Coping patterns
Support systems
Alcohol use

Findings in postmature newborn

Cracked, peeling skin
Positive Moro reflex
Long, hard fingernails

Primary risk factor for depression

History of childhood trauma

Nutrients to promote wound healing

Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Intermittent self-catheterization for male with BPH

Hold penis at 60-90 deg angle
Should cath self on schedule - start with q2-3h and progress to q4-6h, attempt to urinate before
Do not use catheter with balloon
Wash with soap and water after each use, store in clean container


The stereotype that older adults are unable to learn new information due to their age

Priority action immediately following delivery of newborn

Clear respiratory tract