pharm sci 2

reaction that catalyzes bond on peptides in the peptidoglycan layer & the enzyme

transpeptidation - PBP

the back bone of the peptidoglycan layer is made of



inhibition of PBP

beta lactam ring is meant to mimic ______

transition intermediation of transpeptidation

beta lactam ring is highly susceptible to what kind of attack by what amino acid residue

nucleophilic attack by serine residue

what is the beta lactic rings hybridation


inhibition of the PBP is two step process what are they

competitive and tight binding
serine residue attacks attacks BL ring

what kind of inhibition do BL ABX do

suicide inhibition of PBP

beta lactam ABX display: 1). ______ 2.) ________

PAE & bacteriocidal

pen g has what kind of absorption

poor - unstable in acidic conditions - BL carbonyl protonates

pen v has what kind of absorption

good because of EWG on side chain -O-

amoxicillin has what kind of absorption

good! - ionization of amino group

ampicillin has what kind of absorption


what kind of transporter is oral absorption mediated by

dipeptide transporter - pen v and amoxicillin

spectrum of pen G and pen v

strep pyogenes
pen g drug of choice for atypicals
treponema pallium (syphillis)

spectrum of amoxicillin and ampicillin

better gram -
h influ (otitis media)

serine beta lactase MOA

uses water to restore enzyme and degrades ABX

serine BLi's

clavulanic acid

serine BLi's MOA

block degradation of susceptible penicillins - results in irreversible inhibition - known as suicide inhibitiors
chemical rearrangement preventing restoration of the enzyme