MH, business, & economy: bringing MH services to the workplace

-untx psych dis are, collectively, the 10 leading categories of work-related dis and injuries
-~1/3 of ppl are estimated to experience psych probs that are serious enough to affect their work
-2 common means of providing MH care in the workplace are emplo

MH, business, & economy: the econ of MH

-gov funding for MH services is insufficient
-ppl w severe mental dis are hit hardest by funding shortages
-# of ppl on waiting lists for services increase
-gov funding covers ~ 2/3 of all MH services, leaving a min expense of tens of billions of $. for i

technology & MH: New triggers for psychopathology

-digital world provides new triggers for the expression of abnormal b
-violent videos games -> antisocial b
-constant texting, tweeting, & internet browsing may shorten ppl's attention span
-positive: social network users in general maintain more close re

technology & MH: new forms of psychothology

-produce new psych dis
-internet addiction: marked by excessive & dysfunctional levels of texting, tweeting, networking, internet browsing, emailing, blogging, online shopping, / online porn use
-new exhibitionistic features to certain abnormal b

technology & MH: new forms of psychothology- cybertherapy

-skype, therapist offered by computer programs, tx enhanced by the use of video game like avatars & other virtual reality experiences, & internet based support groups
-different internet sites that provide good info, apps, and competent exercise programs

the person within the profession

-the actions of clinical researchers & practitioners not only influence & are influenced by other forces in social, but also are closely tied to their personal needs & goals
-84% of therapists have been in therapy at least once
-maybe bc jobs are highly s

ethics & morality rules

-beneficence & nonmaleficience- help others and do no harm
-fidelity & responsibility- establish trust and ensure others are ethical
-integrity- be accurate & honest
-justice-be fair and know your biases
-respectful for ppl's rights & dignity- respect div

specific standard

-boundaries of competence
-sex w clients, former clients, /relatives of clients
-therapy w lovers
-dual relationships-have to ensure that there is no harm
-termination of therapy

ethics codes

-american psychological association
-American counselors association
-if one code interferes w other, follow the stricter one
-know the state laws