1 Science & Technology Study Guide

Independent Variable

The factor that is changed in order to test the effect of the change on other variables


An organized procedure to study something under controlled conditions

Empirical Evidence

The observations, measurements, and other types of data gathered to evaluate scientific explanations.

Science Conclusions

Are based on logic and substantial support from valid scientific data

Natural World

Science is the study of the _______ _________

Logical and Testable

Scientific explanations should be _________ and __________


True or False? The scientific method can be used in other fields

Appropriate and Necessary

Scientists use ________ & _________ instruments to do experiments.


Scientists must ________ an experiment for it to be useful


How many independent variables should an experiment have?

Control & Variable

An experiment should have a ________ and a __________


Data that is in numbers and expressed in a quantity

Examine results fairly

Why is it important for scientists to be unbiased when investigating theories?

A cell is too small to study

Why would a teacher use a model of a cell.

Pseudoscience Examples

Aliens, Bigfoot, and Ghosts


Objectivity means that the _______ of the scientist do not affect the results

Scientific Journal

A reliable source to use as research; especially recent issues

After analyzing data

When is a hypothesis supported or rejected?

Observing organisms under natural conditions

Why might a scientist choose to do fieldwork instead of a laboratory experiment?


Data in the form of words without using numbers

Weight / Newtons

What does a spring scale measure?


Set of claims that seems scientific, but isn't. Conclusions are not supported by data gathered using scientific methods

Verify results of the experiment

What is the purpose of repeated trials in an investigation?

Independent and dependent variables
Controlled conditions

What are the characteristics of a laboratory experiment?


What is the SI base unit abbreviation for temperature?


Which scientific tool would be best to use to study your cheek cells?

1. Careful Observations
2. Curious
3. Creative
4. Logical
5. Skepticism
6. Objectivity

What are the 6 habits of a scientist?

By the tools available & he subject under study

How do scientists choose their methods?

Field Work & Experiments

What are the 2 types of scientific investigations?


Scientists verify their results through ________ of their experiments

Academic & Government

The most reliable scientific internet sources are _____ and ______ webpages


Theories are usually modified, but are rarely _________.

Better scientific & technical communication
Scientists can share data
A complete system and has a unit for each quality

What are the advantages of using SI?

Method of writing a quantity. It can express large and small numbers

What is scientific notation?

It makes measurements easier, safer, and more accurate

Why is technology important to scientific measurement?

1. Define a Problem / Ask a Question
2. Form a Hypothesis & Make Predictions
3. Plan an Investigation
4. Identify Variables
5. Collect & Organize Data
6. Interpret Data & Analyze Information
7. Draw and Defend Conclusions

List the 7 steps of the scientific method in order

Time / Seconds

What does a stopwatch measure?

Length / Centimeters

What does a metric ruler measure?

Mass / Grams

What does a triple beam balance measure?


What does a thermometer measure?