Seminar Exam 2

admission, review, dismissal

what does ARD mean?

admitting someone into special education
-already have the referral and evaluated now we have the meeting

what does admission mean?

we review their progress

what does review mean?

our end goal, we want to dismiss them from special education

what does dismissal mean?

-general ed. teacher
-special ed. teacher (don't need if their only issue is speech)
-student (only if they are 7th grade and older)
-representative of a public agency (social worker for CPS)
-Headstart represen

who makes up the IEP/ARD team?


can we have an ARD meeting without an administrator?


parent participation in ARD meetings, we have to document if they participated or not in the ARD paperwork?

-if it affects the student's programming (changing goals schedules, or placement)
-if we are dismissing student
-if we want to admit into special ed.
-if we want to go over the initial evaluation or reviewing special ed.
-for their yearly review
-every 3

when are ARD meetings held?

ARD notice

when meeting for ARD we have to let the parents know we are holding a meeting by sending them an ______ _________?


send the ARD notice _____ days prior to the meeting?


most school districts have their own policy for ARD notices, but usually send out _____ notices?

-who will be in attendance
-what your going to talk about
-parents should send back with how they plan on participating

the ARD notice includes:

up to age 21

how long can a student stay in special education?

if we have a child who is turning 18 soon but is special needs and is going to stay in the special ed. program, most transition to a group home setting so we start helping with transitioning

what are transition services?

-so the "rights" of the child have to be transferred back to the parents; they become their Power of Attorney (very expensive to do)

at 18, the student has to ________ for everything because they are considered an adult?

parents have the right to terminate/stop services whenever they want

what does termination mean?


do we have to wait for the 3 year re-evaluation to dismiss?


if student has mastered all their goals, we can re-evaluate them and if their scores fall within average range they can be _____________?

-developmental delay (not used in TX)
-emotional disturbance (ED)
-hearing impairment (AI)
-intellectual disability (ID)
-specific learning disability (SLD)
-multiple disabilities
-other health impairment (OHI)
-orthopedic impairment (

Federal Eligibility Categories for Special Ed:

non-categorical early childhood (NCEC)
-if we do this, we HAVE to include "with a suspicion of a LD, ID, autism, etc." we have to justify why they have it

developmental delay in TX is changed to __________________________________?


a child labeled as NCEC has to be diagnosed with something before they turn _____?

-are the services of the SLP needed?
-is this an educational need?
-can needs be met without the support of an SLP?

how are students determined eligible for special ed. services?

if yes they qualify

disability diagnosis: do they have a speech impairment and is it affecting them in the classroom?

if yes, what are their educational needs

does it affect their performance in the classroom?

if yes, they are eligible

does the child have an educational need that needs to be address?

7th percentile or below
-errors in two or more places (initial /medial, medial/final, initial/final)

articulation eligibility requirements?

standard score of 77 or below

language eligibility requirements?

1) impossible to select appropriate materials, content,
or procedures to design or implement a successful
therapy program for your clients
2) It is impossible to determine if objectives have been
met or accomplished
3) The client cannot fully participate

why are goals necessary?

short term and long term

what two types of goals are there?

performance, condition, criterion

what are the three components needed in a long term goal?

the overall or ultimate goal
-the umbrella

what is a long term goal?

the smaller, measurable, building block goals to get to the long term goal

what is a short term goal?


_______________ is what the client is expected to do or perform?


________________ is under what conditions the client will perform the tasks?


__________________ is how well or to what level the client is expected to perform?

performance- Asa will point to named animals
condition- in a field of 4
task mode- with minimal cues
criterion- with 90% accuracy
consistency- for 3 consecutive sessions

goal ex: Asa will point to named animals, in a field of 4, with minimal cues with 90% accuracy for 3 consecutive sessions.

performance, condition, criterion, task mode, consistency

what are the components needed in a short term goal?

task mode
(ex. cueing, prompts, etc)

_________ __________ is the amount of clinician support?

(ex. 3 sessions)

_________________ is how long the criterion must occur until mastery?

3; 5

there are ______ parts in a long term goal and _____ parts in a short term goal?

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

TEKS stands for?

-under ELA (english, language, arts TEKS)

we have to relate our LONG TERM goals and objectives to the ________ in public schools?

-select skills that promote overall academic content
-include self-determination skills
-use assistive technology to increase active, independent responding
-use real-life activities to give meaning to the academic concept

what is the reason for including TEKS in students goals?

long term goal..."in order to accomplish the TEKS 110.3 2A

example of TEKS:

36 instructional weeks

we also include ________________________ (time) in the LONG TERM goal of an IEP in public schools?

-small group
-individual treatment
-language lab
-writing lab
-articulation lab
-social skills class

what are the different types of service delivery?

teaching with the teacher; working on the same thing

what is co-teaching?

consulting with the teacher, giving feedback and strategies
-indirect service/service
-stop by the classroom to see how they are doing
-to exchange information about the student's functioning and also to make recommendations for enhancement of instruction

what is consultation?

working towards common goal with teachers
-to collaborate on the coordination and design of a student's program, as well as the interventions provided

what is collaboration?

within the classroom, pulling to the back of the room
-groups of two or more, provides opportunity to give directed intervention on a specific speech-language skill

what is small group?

pulled out of class to come to speech therapy
-speech intervention is delivered in an isolated setting, other than the classroom (in speech room). can be individual or small group

what is pull-out?

one-on-one intervention
-done in a pull-out model
-not a lot of this in public schools

what is individual treatment?

within the classroom setting
-could be addressing the whole classroom but are targeting specific children

what is in class?

children that are in special ed. classroom for the majority of the day (life skills)
-working by an IEP all day (towards goals)

what is self-contained?

lab setting for language/literacy intervention; small group stations to help with homework, assignments, etc.
-used more in RTI process

what is language lab?

lab setting/classroom provides instruction for students to receive assistance on writing assignments.
-spelling/written language instruction is important part of literacy intervention
-used more in RTI process

what is writing lab?

lab setting provides students to receive articulation intervention
-used more in RTI process

what is articulation lab?

works on pragmatics

what is social skills class?

-it changes as the students needs change

service delivery is a _____________ concept?

no one
-can't use the same one for everyone

_____ ______ service delivery is to be used exclusively?

-overall effectiveness
-coordination with other programs and services

what are the 4 areas addressed during service delivery?

2 times a week for 6 weeks
-the client will attend two times a week for 30 minutes for 5 out of the 6 weeks period, with one week for classroom generalization
-don't have to have data for 6th week, but document it.
-update IEP, "accuracy at 60% now" each

how do we write the amount of time on a schedule page in the ARD document for service delivery?

effectiveness & efficiency

what should service delivery be based on?

doing the things right

what is effectiveness?

doing things right

what is efficiency?


effectiveness and efficiency are _______________________ approaches?

service delivery

we should consider effectiveness and efficiency (evidence-based practices) when choosing ____________ __________?

-being bullied
-counseling parents
-helping teachers
there is always a plan but we don't always get to it.

when would we need to counsel?

-used closed questions to discover facts
-use open ended questions to discover understanding, concerns, expectations, goals, etc.

what strategies would we use when counseling?

-facilitating skills (listening, reflecting, affirming)
-referring skills (resources available to student and families

what are skills clinicians needed for counseling?

a person who is in charge of all IEPs in the case load
-all our speech impaired kids and IEPs that we have on our caseload

what is a case manager?

-serve as a point of contact for the parents
-schedules and communicates when eval is due & ARD meetings are due
-develop IEP
-assist families when they need help finding another service provider (DON'T RECOMMEND)

what are the duties of a case manager?


we are ______ the case manager if the student has more than speech issues.
ex. a LD overrides a speech impairment so usually the educational diagnostician takes those cases but we are still apart of the IEP/ARD team

-SI (speech impairment only)
-related services (OT, PT, orientation & mobility)
-mainstreaming and inclusion (going into gen. ed. classroom)

types of services:

-we take the backseat if there is a primary disability
-if it is speech only we are the case managers and it would just say SI

on ARD document it will say:

results of care or the results of the intervention

what are functional outcomes?

-baseline (their starting point)
-measuring (sessions to see meaningful change)
can others see that there is meaningful change?

how do we determine functional outcomes?

-How many sessions does it take to show meaningful change?
-How will each assessment streamline the costs serving this student?
-Is this the most cost-
effective way to
provide this service?
-Can you prove that
the services you provide
make a difference f

4 questions for FO's in School Based

behavioral changes that are planned
-these are planned

what are direct outcomes?

occurs if a new and appropriate behavior emerges that was not anticipated
-just happens because of everything we've done

what are indirect outcomes?

forms of behavior that express needs, wants, feelings, and preferences that others can understand when individuals learn functional communication skills and are able to express themselves without resorting to problem behavior or experiencing communication

what is functional communication skills?

-due process
-cuts down on students/clinicians time
-prevents challenges from the outside
-parent/teacher/student satisfaction
-enhanced professionalism

why do we use EBP in schools?

the number of speech IEP's we have and the number of kids we serve as speech impaired
-refers to the number of individual students for whom the speech-language pathologist is providing services at any point in time.
-SLPs caseload includes the kids SLPAs

what is caseload?

everything else that isn't on paper
-refers to all activities required and performed by school-based speech language pathologists. Including considering time for direct services to students and many other activities necessary to support students' educatio

what is workload?

-get a list of speech-language students
-check with teachers if your missing anyone & that they have all their materials
-make your own assessment of student needs
-read the files (when FIE is due; every 3 years)
-build your schedule


-bring work or spelling samples
-bring student's grades
-strengths and weakness that they see in the classroom setting (doesn't have to relate to speech)
-provide data about student
-what's working for the student
-their behavior

general educators role in IEP/ARD meeting?

-phonemic awareness
-text comprehension

what is our role when helping with reading?

-Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-Fifth Edition (GFTA-5)
-Clinical Assessment of Articulation and Phonology-Second Edition (CAAP-2)

what are some standardized assessments for articulation?

-Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns, 3rd Edition (HAPP-3)
-Arizona Articulation and Phonology Scale, 4th Edition

what is a standardized assessment for phonological?

Individual Family Service Plan
-for the family to help the child progress (very specific)
-for toilet training, eating with a spoon, etc.
-everyone has a specific role

what is IFSP?

in ECI (early childhood intervention)

when would we see IFSP?

Individualized Transition Plan (ITP)
-developed in addition to the IEP
-if a child was going to age out at 22 and was going to live in a group home, we would have a transition plan

what is ITP?

secondary (7-12th); elementary (1-6th)

_____________ services differ from _____________ services because in secondary therapy would be more drill and practice whereas elementary therapy is more fun, playing games (story book reading).

-hearing/vision checked
-parent consent
then ready for eval (45 days to give)- 30 days to write report
-do eval every 3 years/ARD meeting every year

before the ARD meeting, they have already gone through?

-determine goals and objectives in meeting
-determine how many services they need
-get in and out is the big goal


where the student is currently functioning; what they can do right now

Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP)?

Extended School Year services
-summer school
-they have to show REGRESSION to qualify; if they cannot recoup their regression within 6 weeks, they qualify

what is ESY?

-academic (standards based goals we write that are directed to working on the standards)
-functional (help the student with grade level content)

IEP goal types:

the change on how the content is taught
-don't change what the student is expected to master, but is given something to help them master it

accommodations are __________________?

does change what the student is expected to master
-changes how content is taught as well

modifications are _________________?

-review of eval
-limited english prof
-medically fragile
-behavior (behavioral intervention plan?)
-info from LPAC committee
-assistive technology
-personal care services
-STARR assessment
-will they be able to par

what are some components of the ARD document?

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
-culture is different from mainstream English

what is CLD?

-using non-biased assessment
-selecting the language of instruction
-using interpreters in intervention
-being aware of accents and dialects
-working with families who are culturally/linguistically different from the SLP

what are 5 distinct aspects for CLD students?

-the first one labeled on home language survey not second

we test CLD students in their ______________ language?


what non-biased assessment is used?

home language survey

when selecting the language of instruction we first go to the __________________________?

language proficiency test
-determines which language they are stronger in academically
-if there are two different languages on the home survey!

if they aren't doing great on the assessment in the primary language listed on the home language survey, the diagnostician can give them a ____________________________________?

need their help if they speak a different language to do therapy

use of interpreters for intervention:

be aware, know the errors are characterized by their accent or dialect

being aware of accents and dialects:

be respectful of their culture and build rapport

working with families who are culturally and linguistically different from the SLP:

-should not be limited to one language
-intervention approaches should promote the use of both languages
-consider code switching to be typical

therapy for CLD students?

-assess in both languages to determine level of proficiency (diagnostician)
-use reliable instruments
-respects their culture/linguistic differences
-use most recent assessment

for a non-biased assessment we must?

birth to 3 years
-family centered
-support the child
-team based

early childhood intervention (ECI) services are for ______ to ____ years?

-avoid eye contact
-rarely smile socially
-don't play pretend games
-get upset by minor changes
-avoid physical touch
-picky eaters
-nonverbal communication
-script talking
-fixate on objects when playing
-flapping hands or arms/rocking body

what are some red flags for autism?
-high functioning or low functioning

-school psychologist (case manager for ASD kids)
we do a team evaluation to see if they have signs of autism

we are apart of the Autism Assessment team (need a training for it)?

AU Supplement
-once a year for every child with autism at ARD meeting

In the ARD document we have to complete what they all an _______________________ for autism?

-teacher ratio in the classroom
-how they communicate (what we do) their receptive & expressive abilities, their social skills, etc. (LANGUAGE SKILLS)
-do they communicate with pictures, gestures, verbally, etc

what is in the AU Supplement?

-they have to sign a receipt that they did receive it on that date (usually day of ARD meeting)
-some districts give them one every meeting

parents have to be given "procedural safeguards" ____ time every year?

action is being considered
-process where parents are notified about actions or refusals to act

ARD ( prior-written) notice is given anytime an ________________________?

-language understandable to the general public
-Native language of parents or translated orally
-Description of action proposed or refused
-Why district is proposing or refusing action
-Descriptions of other options considered
-Description of information

what must ARD (written) notice include?

Before 1975 parents were left out the educational-decision making process involving their child.
procedural safeguards are given to protect the rights of parents and children when in special education programs

why do we give procedural safeguards?

-records examination/participation in meetings
-Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
-prior written notice (ARD notices) requirements
-parental consent
-due process procedures:
mediation, impartial due process hearings, State IDEA complaints & resolut

what are some things found within the procedural safeguard packet?

-applied behavioral analysis (ABA)
-peer training
-story-based intervention
-social skills package
-self management

ASD intervention approaches include?

-minimal pairs
-cycles approach

intervention approaches for articulation include?

-role play
-drill and practice

intervention approaches for language include?