The two main sources of criminal justice data in the United States are:

Unifrom Crim Report and National Crime Victimization Survey

Our definition of a crime is an act prohibited or an omission required by law


Which of the following is a trial in which the judge determines guilt or innocence?

Bench Trial

The four sources of criminal law discussed in class were constituions, statutes, court decesions and administrative regulations


The model fo CJ that assumes the various parts of the justice system work together by desgin to achieve a wider purpose of justice is called the:

Consensus Model

Facts and Circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe a crime has been or ir about to be committed" is our defintion of:

Probable Cause

Crime Rates are a more rleibale way to measure crime than raw numbers


A classification scheme used in the study and descriptions of criminal behavior is know as:

Crime Typology

The burden of proof in a civila case is proog beyond a reasonable doubt


Crime Fighting strategies that have been scientifically tested and are based on social science research are known as

Evidence based practices

Bernie Madoffs operation of a Ponzi Scheme is an example of ?

White Collar Crime

Civil Justice consists of activities and procedures having to do with private rights and relationships


Most aggravated assults are committed with

Blunt objects

The USA has 3 levels of CJ; local, state, federal


Which major crime has the highest clearence rate?


The 3 types of damages in civil cases are actual, compensatory and punitive


The lating term that demonstrates facts that show a crime has occurred is:

Corpus Delecti

Jurisdiction, Vagueness, repeal/amendement of a statute of:

Limits on criminal law

The scientific study of the cuases and prevention of crime and the rehavilitation and punishment of offenders is known as:


Transnational organized crime is unlawful that is undertkaen and supported by orgainzed crime gorups across state lines


Cookie Cutter is arrested by the police when she attempts to enter an empty, locker house by breaking open a window. She later confesses to having done so with the intent of stealing personal items from the house. Cookie is most likely to be charged with

Armed Robbery

Mala in Se" means " wrong because the law saws so


The crime control model emphasizes

The efficent arrest and conviction of criminal justice offenders

The two main goals of due process are

Accuracy and Fairness

The two main types of cirminal law discussed in class were substantive and procedural criminal law


The only crime mentioned in the Consitution of the US is:


UCR Part 1 offenses are those crimes which have to occur in order to charge people with more serious matter


The latin term meaning "guilty mind' is

Mens Rea

The three meain categories of crime discussed in class were

Felonies, Misdemeanors and infractions/ offenses

Which part of the law specifies the methods to be used in enfocring substantive law?

Procedural Law

Crimes against the elderly, crimes against women, stalking and hate crimes fall under which of the following:

Crime Typologies

The M'Naughten Rule is used to determine which of the following?

A criminal defendants mental state

Jurisprudence is part of the law that defines crimes and punishemnets


The insanity defense is used often and is usally successful


Ex Post Facto means

After the fact

What period of American history was NOT associated with an increase in crime?


A common law and constituional prohibiton against a second trial for the same offense is known as double jeopardy


The primary purpose of tort law is to:

Compensate the plantiff

The latin term that means the rule of precedent or judges following previous decesions is known as:

Stare Decisis

A criminal offense punishable by death or incarceration in a prison facility for at lest one year is known as a mis demeanor